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Salsa recipes?

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I'm looking for a good salsa recipe. So far, I have picked:

Seranno, Super Chili, jalapeno and hot bananna peppers. I'm looking to make some salsa with what I have so far. Hot is good.

I also have habaneros and some roma tomatoes growing. Just not ready yet.

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My brother in law made some of his own salsa and brought it down to Texas with him last week. WOW! I was very impressed. Needless to say the big bowl he had it in was empty real quick!

Here it is:

3-14.5 oz cans of Hunt’s Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes ( I don’t drain them, I just dump the whole can into the bowl)

½ cup finely diced red onion (alter if you want more less or none)

¼ cup brown sugar

1 tbls of Cilantro Leaves (alter if you want more less or none)

2 pouches- “Concord Foods” Mild Salsa Seasoning Mix (We purchase these at Wal-Mart or grocery store Schnuck’s at least at these two stores they are always located at the end of a aisle in the fresh produce area)

I mix all this stuff together then use an electric handheld wand blender (the kind you make malts or shakes with) and pulse blend till it’s the desired consistency we like. And that’s it. If you sample the salsa right away it really doesn’t have a real robust taste yet, if letting it sit for a few hours in the fridge and then coming back and tasting really lest all the flavor come out. ( The salsa packets say 30 mins…but I think it tastes even better as the days go by)

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Doop, sounds good! I'll have to check for those packets. Here's one I made today that I found online. It's Pico, but pretty tasty.

Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe


* 2-3 medium sized fresh tomatoes (from 1 lb to 1 1/2 lb), stems removed, finely diced

* 1/2 red onion, finely diced

* 1 jalapeño chili pepper (stems, ribs, seeds removed), finely diced

* 1 serano chili pepper (stems, ribs, seeds removed), finely diced

* Juice of one lime

* 1/2 cup chopped cilantro

* Salt and pepper to taste

* Optional: oregano and or cumin to taste


1 Start with chopping up 2 medium sized fresh tomatoes. Prepare the chilies. Be very careful while handling these hot peppers. If you can, avoid touching them with your hands. Use a fork to cut up the chilies over a small plate, or use a paper towel to protect your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water after handling and avoid touching your eyes for several hours. Set aside some of the seeds from the peppers. If the salsa isn't hot enough, you can add a few for heat.

2 Combine all of the ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Taste. If the chilies make the salsa too hot, add some more chopped tomato. If not hot enough, carefully add a few of the seeds from the chilies, or add some ground cumin.

Let sit for an hour for the flavors to combine.

Makes approximately 3-4 cups.

Serve with chips, tortillas, tacos, burritos, tostadas, quesadillas, pinto or black beans.

(I used 2 jalapeno's and 2 serano's and think it needs a little more heat, but it was tasty. I also used 4 romas.)

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I made this one last year, followed the recipe first time, then changed it to this. All measurements are a guestimate..

2 small can of tomato paste-I just get generic

around four lbs of tomatos-diced

two large purple onions-diced

six large garlic cloves-diced

several large jalepeno's remove seeds(more=hotter)

1/4 cup diced cilantro

1/2 cup vinager

3 cups of water

about 5-6 tablespoons of coarse salt.

Boil all this for about two-four hours to reduce.

put in boiled canning jars and seal, will can itself.

Keeps for about 6 months

Depending on your ingreadiants could taste just like Pace picante

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Oh yes, and if you really want to turn up the heat, I recomend fresh chilli's . Do not add very much of these!! And remember to remove the seeds! Other wise you WILL regret it in the morning frown

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I made chili one time with 7 habanero's and didn't pick the skin or seeds out. Let's just say......I fell into a burning ring of fire! Ouch, for days.

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LOL! I hear ya! Remove the seeds and pulp inside. Also use rubber gloves when chopping/deseeding them. Learn't that one the hard way once. blush

Primetime salsa season now. Farmers markets are brimming in downtown STP. I usually make all fresh, gallon at a time.

10-12 large fresh tomatoes.

10 green peppers, various colors

5 hot banana peppers

half dozen jalapenos

head or two of fresh garlic (depending on size)

about 2 cups fresh chopped cilantro

5-6 large onions

chop everything up, I usually chop by hand and use a hand chopper thingy for onions/peppers. Put into quart mason jars and let sit for a couple days in fridge to let flavors meld.

will last about 3-4 weeks in fridge. Usually goes way before then.

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yeah....I had a habanero/jalapeno farm in my garden last summer...I was picking peppers one afternoon....for whatever reason I decided to take my contacts out early that day...hadn't washed my hands....I would have been in less pain if I had just gouged my eye out! Wow did that ever sting!

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Here is mine. I make a new batch about every 3 months. This is not a fresh salsa but a canned recipe.

7 quarts tomatoes

4 cups peppers (red, green yellow)

5 cups onions

1/2 cup hot peppers

6 cloves garlic

2 cups lemon juice

2 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp black pepper

4 tsp red hot

Combine all and simmer for 30-40 minutes. Ladle into hot pint jars and process in hot water canner for 40 minutes.

I make this all year round. Over winter months, I buy the large industrial size cans of diced tomatoes, from Costco or Sams. Tastes the same as fresh to me. I also use the little cans of chopped hot peppers from the store. One can for a batch is just right for my wife and kids. I like it hotter.

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yeah....I had a habanero/jalapeno farm in my garden last summer...I was picking peppers one afternoon....for whatever reason I decided to take my contacts out early that day...hadn't washed my hands....I would have been in less pain if I had just gouged my eye out! Wow did that ever sting!

I wish it was my eyes. blush

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I just did that yesterday! Picked the same 2 peppers, and cut up a few peppers for lunch in my stir fry, and after about 10 hand washing, forgot, and rubbed my eye. Ahhhhhhhh....we got a bleeder! Man I am 33, about 240, and turned into a complete baby. Even my 2 year old quit crying and was looking confused at me.....

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Here is one I posted a year ago, has a nice rounded flavor.

Charred Tomato Salsa

Start by Grilling off:

12 tomatoes

3 slices red onion

(no need to take the skin off the tomatoes as the charring from grilling adds a fuller smokier flavor)

Allow the above ingredients to cool and combine together with the following in a food processor:

1/2 cup chopped Jalepeno pepper (determine what heat is right for you by pepper choice)

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

1/4 cup chopped garlic

Juice of 3 limes

1 oz tequila

Salt n’ pepper

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Cheffrey - Nice to see you around. I figured it was your silly season and you were bigtime busy...

At the restaurant I made a similar sauce/dressing to your salsa this summer. I added olive oil and atouch of vinegar in the blender. It made a great dipping sauce for onion rings and we ran it a few times with a little bit on pan seared scallops. I called it a roasted vidalia and tomatoe dressing or sauce. Was also tasty on a salad...

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Sounds like a great touch Dark Cloud, silly season is an understatement. Let's just say the North Shore economy has had a serious rebound the past couple months.

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being that im mexican and my mom makes home made salsa all the time im good at eating it... Although ill ask her for some recipes, she makes green salsa, Red Salsa, and pico de gallo.

She doesnt use measurements since she does things by taste the good old fashion way. add to that some HOMEMADE corn or flour tortillas im getting hungry.

Im going to ask her for some recipes so i can post them on here.

one that i really like is she makes the salsa on another pan she cooks some CHORIZO and when the choriso is well done she mixes the chorizo and salsa man its the greatest thing ever. pour it over some eggs, add some on top of your venison or heck with any meat.

in texas we used to use these little round peppers that grow out in the wild we called it CHILE DEL MONTE which translates to (peppers from the woods) ill get back with you all on some of these things. If i get some venison this year i plan to make some VENISON enchiladas and VENISON TAMALES..

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