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Grant Pearson

top 10 calibers

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The July 2008 issue of American hunter had a list of the top 10 calibers of all time. I thought it might be interesting if everyone came up with their top 10 of all time, and why.

AH top 10:

1. .308 win.

2. .22 LR

3. .30-06 springfield

4. .375 H&H

5. .300 Win Mag

6. .223 Rem

7. .270 Win

8. .257 Weatherby Mag

9. .416 Rigby

10. .338 Win Mag

Grand Champ: 12 gauge


1. 12 gauge- What else can you shoot anything from a dove to a grizzley, and then keep it for home defense?

2. .22 Long Rifle- For plinking and small game, what's cheaper and more enjoyable? Besides, how many people haven't at least shot one?

3. .30-06 Springfield- Good for everything you want to persue in North America, plus good on most game across the world. With the excpetion of the biggest stuff, any shortcomming in on the shooter.

4. .223 Remington- From varmits to deer, what's mre fun to shoot other than the .22 LR, plus it's cheap.

5. .270 Winchester- any questions, read anything written by Jack O'Connor.

6. .30-30 Winchester- Which caliber says deer hunting better than the classic .30-30?

7..375 H&H Magnum- what caliber screams Africa like the .375? It'll bring down anything you want in Africa, not to mention North America.

8. .308 Winchester- Accurate, powerful, cheap, and easily accessable.

9. .243 Winchester- The beginner's gun. Plus, it's versatile on anything from prairie dogs to big mulies.

10. .416 Rigby- What says "insurance" for the big stuff in Alaska and Africa better than the .416?

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I wonder what was their criteria for determining the top 10? Seems like this would be a matter of opinion.


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