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A Couple of Shout Outs

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I was out on Sunday and had a great on the water (West Metro). Many larger fish caught (17lb 12oz for the top 5 combined) on a wide variety of techniques.

First, thanks Dietz for the heads up on the Stand Out Drop Shot hooks. They worked great and were a little sturdier than the finer wired hooks I was using.

Second, thanks RK for the posting "more like an article" on color selection. (Great Read!!) Lately, I've gotten away from the clear plastics like smoke and such and have really become a fan of Baby Bass and the greens. I remembered the post you made about color and kept an open mind......ultra clear water...I tried Smoke. Both worked well however Smoke worked better for the larger bass in the morning and Baby Bass for the larger bassin the afternoon. Largest fish of the day was 4 lb 5oz. Many, many fish in the 2-1/2 - 3-1/2 lb range. Thanks again guys!


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I hope the link came through. I use the advanced search option A LOT on this HSOforum for real specifics I'm looking for....priceless, as a lot of good info comes across this site.

Pictures? None to be had unfortunately but should have at least used my camera phone....geez I'm an one-who-thinks-I-am-silly sometimes....but I was in the "zone", no time for photos anyway! smile Iknow, I know..."All fisherman are liars except you and me...." You'll just have to take my word on the fish. smile

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I have one of those digital lip scales for weighing some of the fish I good, VERY INCONSISTANT! Invested in a small freight scale and couldn't be happier. Accurate to within a half ounce and I've tested it to be sure it's right on. I carry it in a small Rubbermaid tub and then use the tub to hold the fish in on the scale when in use. Zero the tub, put the fish in the tub, instant ACCURATE weight.

By the way, the fish were stacked deep in classic spots like outside and inside weedline corners. With the strong wind I used a marker buoy to mark precise spots and then just had to concentrate on keeping within casting distance from it. I use a GPS a lot for this but it's on the fritz so until I get a new one, it's back to the old fashioned way.

How did everyone else do?


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Took the kayak crappie fishing opening weekend and when calm always bring with the DSLR with. These turtles are glad the weather has finally consistently warmed up. I always find it funny seeing turtles stacked on top of each other and found a few along with multiple species which was nice.     
    • I was going to hunt wi this weekend but fishing musky with my fly rod is what I will do instead.  Good luck!!!!!!!
    • Anyone still at it?   not sure that i will get Isaac out anymore, will still ask these last few days.   Good luck everyone.
    • Haha, sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and great perspective, Borch.  Plus, I think it's good to be upset about missing!  It motivates a guy to take more selective shots and make better shots.  My shot selection was ok, but my execution was not good.  I made a good shot at a stationary target, but the target was walking.  D-U-M, dumb!!!  Such is life!  Next year Morgan and I will shoot turkeys (as long as I can still get her out there).  
    • From what I read the idiot did not tell anybody....was asked to play in the World's and declined saying his wrists hurt so they made him go in and found the torn tendons...what a duffus.
    • It reminds me if the first year I took my son turkey hunting.  He had several close calls but didn't get a bird.  He was upset.  I said, "Why are you upset?  We got to hunt together for several days and had several exciting encounters.  If you shot one the first day we would have missed all that fun together"  He thought about it for a while and he smiled.  The older I get, the less its about the kill.  Reframing what I thought success was has added to my hunts.  Now, if I could get less upset when I miss a bird I'd have it all figured out.  
    • Excellent.  Nicely done.
    • You got it, Borch!  I was disappointed with how the season ended, but you're definitely right!  I also learned a trick this year- cards!  Morgan really enjoyed playing cards with me in the blind.  It was a good way to pass the time and we enjoyed it quite a bit.  We had a great season together and enjoyed it a ton!     That last encounter we had was really something!  I'm convinced the worst thing birds can do to a bowhunter is to come in to the deeks is stand there and stare.  I'd rather they hung up and didn't come in or did pretty much anything but that.  It makes it virtually impossible to get a bow drawn!  The turkey was at about 5 yards, because I knew we I needed one close for Morgan.  However, at five yards and staring directly in the direction of the blind, she was smart to not try to draw.  That dang bird stood there for two full minutes and didn't move a muscle.  Morgan had a smile from ear to ear and at one point told me "I was so excited and my heart was pounding so hard I thought I might die!"     It would have been a slam dunk with her crossbow, but she wanted to get one with a vertical bow.  I'm proud of her for sticking with it and she said "I'm just fine with not shooting one, Dad."  I'm glad she's ok with that.  I wish I was more ok with it...  but, that's hunting!  
    • Sounds like he is going to bring "fire" to the team haha.  Hoping he can come up with something to do with all the aging players who aren't living up to their contracts.     Also heard that Coyle played the last 2 months with torn ligaments in his wrists.  Going in for surgery.  Kind of an eye opener really, Coyle with torn wrist ligaments is better than anything they could've moved up that is healthy?  Uh oh....
    • Hey, it's all good. Morgan and you spending time together in the outdoors and getting a close encounter is what it's all about.     Sometimes the birds win and we simply run out of time.