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Shout out to the Pitching Masters

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I'm really having fun with it but I'd really like to get better.I think I've gotten the basics down but some problem areas are bugging me.

1.My lures hit the water way too it coz I have too much line before I pitch?

2.I'm not very tall and I use a 6'8" rod...can I hold the rod chest high but pointed down during pre-cast?

3.Do I have to thumb the spool the whole way during release?

4.What's a good decent pitch distance?

5.Should I hold the rod sideways thereby putting the reel on the inside?

6.Once the lure hits the water, when do I engage the spool?

7.When do I pitch versus when do I flip?


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1-Without being able to watch you, there are a lot of things you could be doing. You may just trying to pitch too far or too light a lure.

2- you can do whatever works for you. I would suggest at least a 7' rod which may help you a little.. I am 6'3" and use a 7'6" and a 7'2" pitching sticks.

3-This really depends on how you have the reel set up. How many magnets/cast control you have set. Also how much clutch you have applied. I have mine set VERY light, for if I were to cast I would backlash for sure. But I also ride my thumb a lot on a pitch.

4- 20 feet? Maybe 30.

5- again, whatever is comfortable to you. I would say that my reel may have a touch of an inside lean to it.

6-Depends on water depth. If fishing shallow wood/weeds I engage it almost right away.. However if fishing a deep weed edge I wait till it hits bottom. But I also use a Shimano with an Insage button so I can set the hook without turning the handle at any time.

7- If up close, I flip, if I am at a distance I pitch.. Flipping is much faster, I fish a flip and target very small areas, and then move on to my next target very quickly.

Hope this helps BPA.

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Thanks Deitz.Mind some follow ups?

1.It hits the water coz the let/lure I let out is even with my reel (sometimes more).Once I let the lure go, I have to raise my rod very quickly or else the lure hits the water before even clearing the rod tip.The only way I can seem to fix this is by starting with a higher level with the grip.Thing is, if I swing too fast lure hits the water hard from above.

2.I'm only 5'9" and pitching a 6'8" is giving me problems...unless my technique is wrong (see above).

3.I have the mags set halfway.Should I loosen it more? I have the cast control knob almost at zero though I don't backlash much.I thumb it more than I should, I think, which led me to that question above at #3.

4.I'm at 15-20.

5.Roger that.


7.So you don't "reel retrieve" a flip? Just toss, wait and pull?

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1- Once you let go of the rod, it should be like an underhand cast.. So yes, you do raise it quickly. But like I said above, I wish I could see you do this. It really hard to explain in type. Its an underhand cast, you do raise your rod quickly, but your lure should never be more than about 6' above the water if hat even.

2- Technique could be wrong. But then again, maybe not?

3-As its an under hand cast, which you put little if any effort in, the clutch and cast control knobs should be set very light. Like I said, if I were to cast my pitching rods, I would backlash for sure.. no doubt.

7------NO-You dont reel retrieve a flip. You simply flip it out using your off hand to the line between your reel and your first guide. If you get a "Bite" you then work the reel if not, you leave the reel alone! If I dont get bit in the first 10 seconds I pull and try again on a new spot.

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I know it would hard to control the lure's height, but approximately, how many inches above the water would be the ideal height to thumb-stop the spool to create minimal splash?

I also find that when I increase the velocity of my rod-tip-raise, the lures pops up into the air and has a huge splash down.I've seen KVD's DVD and he's crazy good with it.Just small ripples and no splash is all he ever has.The fish don't stand a chance.

Any tips guys?

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BPAto answer your question.. the closer the better.. The slower that lure is the less splash it will make.. The idea is to get that lure moving pretty fast but very near the water, and as it reaches your target stop the spool and lower your rod tip. At least this is what I do.. I dont proclaim to be KVD, but do a fair ammt of pitching.

As for your lure popping higher in the air.. Its all practice.. It could be gear related as well, or even boat related... Its more difficult out of a tin boat than out of a bass boat.

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I'm using my Daiwa Viento for pitching on a 6'8 Mossyback Loomis.Settings on cast control knob almost zer...mags set at 5 using Fireline crystal.

Anything anti-pitching with this setup?

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sounds alright... a longer rod is easier.. My 3 set ups, the shortest is 7'2". But it can be done with a 6'8" no problem. I'm not familiar with the Mossyback... a rod with an extra fast tip helps and MH action.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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