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Trail Camera's..

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Hey Hunters/Archers,

Ok I've doing some research on trail cameras and have narrowed it down to a Moultrie I-40 for my kind of field needs.

1. It will be over a salt block.

2. I don't like flash.

3. My budget will only allow $200 or less.

Question is is this a work horse of a camera and easy to operate? I've talked to other websites who sell this model and love how they work and have very few returns...great customer response.

Does anybody have any personal experience and can any one find it for less then $199 in MN?

Thanks for any input or tips you may include to this post.


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I just bought one of these cameras this year. It takes great pics. Time/date/temp/moon phase stamps. Takes nice movies as well.I bought it a month ago and still have 80% battery life. They advertise to 150 days of battery life so I'm on track. The trigger time is about 1.5 seconds. My 13 year old figured out it's operation in about 10 minutes. It took me about 15:).The camera itself is running at 200 clams. You'll probably want to get a sd card. You can find cheap ones online. I use a 2 gb card and can hold 1000's of pictures. Trail cams are a blast. I've been addicted to messing around with them. I also have a leaf river cam which is nice and takes good pics as well. That one has a flash instead of the infrared. Everyone has there opinions on spooking deer or not with flash. In my experience it seems that I get more buck pics with the moultrie I-40 than the leaf river. I don't know if it's location or flash, but really i think it depends on individual deer. Some spook, some don't. The moultrie I-40 has a widespread reputation for being the best bang for the buck. I tend to agree.

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The best place for the latest info is a place called [YouNeedAuthorization].

Do a google search on that name. Tremendous resource for everything related to trail cameras.

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