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Husky jerk-baits

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What size hooks should I be using with these lures for muskies.

I don't want to kill the action of the bait.



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Hiya -

If it's a 3 hook version, you can usually take off the middle hook and go up one hook size on the front and back without messing it up - just have to try it and see. Even if you can't go up a size, I'd still take the middle hook off just to make it less of a mess unhooking fish.

You can land muskies just fine on small hooks - just have to fish with a little lighter tackle (I use a flipping stick or heavy Carolina Rig rod for stuff like that) and don't muscle the fish quite as much. Switching to mono like #20 XT or Big Game can help too - the stretch helps keep from pulling hooks out.


Rob Kimm

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I'm guessing you're asking with tigers in mind......

Like Rob said, I have removed the middle treble, but I've not changed hook size. Two reasons: I don't really need to, again as Rob said, and I also use these for walleyes, not just in the Fall, and the less I have to switch hooks the easier (I'm lazy).

Wider lures with more side-to-side swing/wobble like the 6" Swim Wizz I've jumped to a 2/0, but it's not needed on the narrow-bodied HJs in my opinion.

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