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sand the space between the pavers?

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I saw a product on TV that had polysomething in it and the ad inidcated that it you used it weeds wouldn't come up. A put sugar sand in mine and stuff keeps sprouting up and it's a PIA. Anyone tried this super sand?

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    • Wrong as usual.  If I vote for Trump and it turns out he doesn't do what he says he's going to do then I will get what I deserve.  I know this concept is hard for you and others to understand.  Let's take the list of Supreme Court Justices he says he going to choose from and all of the sudden he starts nominating from left field.  I will get what I deserve.  You will be trying to keep the drool off your keyboard.  
    • Meter: continuity check on wires and fuse separate  If it was me, just for piece of mind (not knowing other peoples electrical hack jobs. Id fish new ones on the old ones, pull them through connect to new receptacle. Likely a hack splice in there or damage. 
    • Join the Ice Castle Owners group on Facebook, lots of good info on their.  It is a private group so have a picture of your Ice Castle in your profile pic, otherwise they won't approve you.
    • I don't play the lesser of two evil games, it's only a game played and understood by the older crowd. Should I explain to you how our votes don't really count? Why don't we get than fixed first.
    • ramsey resident huh!!!! I see. I work right off alpine drive!!!!!!!
    • So if you vote for Hillary, you will get what you deserve, and if you vote for Trump you will not get what you deserve. That's actually pretty much what we've been saying all along...
    • So a bit of history here, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer last august.  She was suppose to have her half lung removed in Nov last year, opened her up and the tumor was much larger and spread in the lung that they could not do the surgery.  She did daily radiation and added a dose of chemo twice a week during the radiation time.  This started in Nov and ended in Jan.  She went in for follow up and for a pain in her back in March.  The cancer had spread to her spine, ribs, where the chemo port was placed in her upper chest.  Yesterday, ten minutes after dad and i left her room in hospice she passed away.   She did the immunotherapy to extend her life and make it less painful.(there is a tv commercial for this drug).  It does not treat just makes the cancer more manageable for the patient.   This was done twice and she decided it was not doing anything.   So with dealing with anything like this, ask questions, research as much as possible, even if family members do not want your input, as i can tell you that people will get PO'd at you, you will get PO'd at them, but ultimately the only thing everyone is wanting a smooth and stress free resolution to this.   I, being the, if you will "the outsider" looking in, waited for other FM who live closer than i do, and eventually i was told that "we" will handle this not you.  I was very upset but decided that i will help from behind the scene.  Do what you can for you and your family.  I am a believer that if mom would not have been opened up, she may still be here or may have not had the cancer spread to other organs as quickly.  My thoughts, not a doctor, did not sleep in Motel 6, just going from the experiences in the last year.  Good luck to you and your family.  Jeff
    • Juice, you're not even in the right ball park on this one.  You're talking about fixing an injury and muscle relaxers, Jbell and his family is dealing with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma which is slightly more serious and more complicated. I think you're going to have to admit this one is above your pay grade. You bring up valid points in that you can't always blindly trust a doctor.  You should take a proactive approach to your own medical care by asking a lot of questions, seeking 2nd opinions, and being informed.  However, there is a time and place to get up on your chiro soap box and I don't think this is one of them. In this case jbell's mother in law put her own life in jeopardy by not trusting the doctors.  Had she been more proactive and got informed versus just running away to the Witch Dr she could possibly have avoided a lot of additional pain and suffering and increased her odds at a successful outcome.    
    • I'm sure Obama is talking about Jill and I hate to say it but he would be right in that instance.  Any candidate that doesnt have an L behind his/her name Is terrible in your eyes.  If in 4 or 8 years Johnson does the Ric Flair flop again and happened to get the Republican nomination all those here supporting him would call him terrible.
    • Completely garbage. I've caught 6 sturgeon this season. My average by now is around 14 fish. Lots of skunk days before finally pinning one. I only know of a select few people that have done any good. I don't know why they're so hard to find this year. One day around the middle of the month I drove around for two solid hours until I finally marked a few fish that MIGHT have been sturgeon.    It's very frustrating to say the least. 
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