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"By the Wooded Pond"

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This evening I took a weekend walk into a mature wooded area and came across a small secluded pond with some wildlife....almost has it's own ecosystem! grin....I did see a yellow headed blackbird near this pond but he spotted me first...haven't seen one up in this area for quite some time.... few photos from a few hours ago...

Red Baneberry: area was loaded with these,nice to look at but certainly are poisonous(digiscoped)



white baneberry:(also poisonous):


painted turtles enjoying the quite pond this evening:(6 totaled on various logs)


shorebird of some sort,(Sandpiper I think)


the raspberries are ripening:



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Nice captures Johnny! My favorite is the white Baneberry. We're usually over run with yellow headed black birds, but not this year? confused I can't say whether it's simply circumstances or there' other reason's unknown to me.

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Nice shots!! Have you ever walked out to the bog lake east of 6 mile lake and just north of hayes rd. ? There are alot of cool plants out there ( picture plants ect... )

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