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"By the Wooded Pond"

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This evening I took a weekend walk into a mature wooded area and came across a small secluded pond with some wildlife....almost has it's own ecosystem! grin....I did see a yellow headed blackbird near this pond but he spotted me first...haven't seen one up in this area for quite some time.... few photos from a few hours ago...

Red Baneberry: area was loaded with these,nice to look at but certainly are poisonous(digiscoped)



white baneberry:(also poisonous):


painted turtles enjoying the quite pond this evening:(6 totaled on various logs)


shorebird of some sort,(Sandpiper I think)


the raspberries are ripening:



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Nice captures Johnny! My favorite is the white Baneberry. We're usually over run with yellow headed black birds, but not this year? confused I can't say whether it's simply circumstances or there' other reason's unknown to me.

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Nice shots!! Have you ever walked out to the bog lake east of 6 mile lake and just north of hayes rd. ? There are alot of cool plants out there ( picture plants ect... )

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    • I can't identify any of those for sure, and certainly wouldn't recommend eating any of them.  The first pic might be some older honey mushrooms, but it's pretty tough to tell.  I've got about 8 mushrooms that I can positively id.  Beyond that, it's just not worth being wrong.  There are still some fresh hen of the woods mushrooms around the metro if you get out into some oak woods.  You can find them around the base of big mature oaks and they are pretty easy to identify.  Found about 20 on Wednesday.  Many were a little old, but was able to take 4 nice ones home.  Here's a pic of one that I left behind.
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