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New Boat - Seat post Question

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So I bought a new-to-me boat, it's an 04' Monark King 170 with a 115 Opti on the back, I love it the family loves it, we are all set.

I have one problem though, I mainly fish Musky and would really like to have a pedestal seat for leaning when I'm on the front deck or even the back deck. When I went to cabela's to get the post and bicycle seat they didn't seem to have a setup that fits my bases. My bases are the Attwood Marine Swivel-eze 238 Series (2 3/8"). I think I seen the Lowe boats at Cabelas had the same bases, I would loved to have talked to a sales rep but they were all busy and my 3 yr old wasn't in the mood to sit around.

Am I missing something or is there no solution other then changing my bases in front and back, which I would prefer not do so I can still get my regular seats in there.

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If you do not see it on the floor (boat pedestals mainly), you will have to ask the sales rep and they can look it up in the catalog, check the number in the computer and they most likely will have it in back. You wait about 5-10 minutes while it is brought up and then you go up front to pay for it.

You can also look at the on-line catalog, get the part number and call ahead to see if they have it.

Or, you can do like I did this week on something. Look on line and find what you want, call the store and find out they do not have it in stock, go back on-line and order over the PC and have it shipped to the store. No charge for shipping when you do it this way.

Good luck!

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