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Manitou....Hows' the Lakers in August

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How is the Lake Trout fishing on the Strech or areas surrounding on the Lower Manitou in August? Planning a trip. Thanks for your replys...

Johnny Hailstone

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Trout fishing has been pretty good despite the terrible weather we have been having the past 2 weeks.

We are finding the active ones in 65-70FOW and targeting them from about 30ft right to the bottom.

I usually stay away from the ones on the bottom due to normally being inactive, but for some reason they are just as active as the suspended ones.

We are mainly fishing in esox and just off black island in the stretch.

With the windy weather we have only gone up to the main lake a couple times in the past few weeks.

The fishing has been just as good around camp as it has been up there, so there is really no reason to make the run right now.

Good luck

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