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If at first you don't, you know the rest.

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    • Sorry but if Hillary wins I will not get what I deserve.  Everyone who voted for her or anyone besides Trump gets what they deserve.
    • I could care less if Johnson changes his mind.  I think you're  trolling in the wrong lake if you've ever seen me post about any candidate changing their mind.
    • How  big is the lake and what kind of weeds are most prevalent? 
    • I think we can thank our coach, the D will not lay down to anybody. We have made to MVP quarterbacks look like T-Jack lol. What a fun team to watch, is it sustainable? Only time will tell but I tell you what, nobody wants to play our D in the post season. That's what I'm excited about.  If Trent Dilfer can do it, we can do it. 
    • After that performance? Even the extremely biased Brietbart poll shows Trump losing that debate: Who won the debate polls: CNN/ORC - 62/27 = Clinton +35 PPP - 50/41 = Clinton +9 NBC/SM - 52/21 = Clinton +31 Gravis/Brietbart - 48/43 Clinton = +5 Reuters - 56/26 = Clinton +30
    • Nice design, cant wait to see it completed...    
    • So, for Y'all that are blowing RNT and Zink calls, how do you decide what to get? I'm in the mood to pick one really good goose call and one really good mallard call.  I looked at the $100 plus calls in the boxes at the C store but am leary of just pulling something off the hook based on a model name. Any suggestions for someone who mainly hunts in MN only for waterfowl? A good woodie call should be considered too. I'm still using some old Haydell calls, and Canada Hammer, Quack Head, etc..  Thanks
    • How have sturgeon been up there? Haven't been able to fish much (helping sister with hew wedding that was last weekend), but I do have Friday off and I'm thinking of heading up there to give it a go.
    • The final item on my list is to create a fold down bed. I have the aluminum bought and cut and have a friend using the tig to put it together. I plan on using webbing across the top and will buy a 4" mattress from clarkfield outdoors. Here are the designs, I will add pictures when I have it completed and mounted.           
    • Well, getting to be that time of the year. Built the house last year and old got it out three weeks due to crappy ice and a busy schedule. I am definitely hoping that the cold conditions that they are predicting come true. I usually take the week of xmas off to spend time with the family and it would be awesome if the majority of that was spent on the ice.  Anyway, early fall has been getting me geared up to getting on with the shanty "to do" list. Initially we want to be very power conscience and rely primary on 12 volt power. In the design phase, every thing was about amperage draw and available wattage. For that reason, we decided to go with a small transistor radio... After we finished the build we bought a generator and everything power related went out the window. So on to the progress.... We didn't have a "reliable" 12v power source up to the front of the shack. Our current 12v outlets work fine for charging the cell phones, but can't run the desired inverter due to line loss... So I ran 10 awg marine cable( prob over kill, I know) to the front ant set up an additional fuse block. From there I put in a stereo. For those of you doing current builds, if you "think" that you may want something some where, RUN A LINE! It was a PIA to do this after the fact, but turned out good. While I was at it, I added an additional ligh          Next up was the window in the door. It is a standard camper door with the frosted privacy glass. The main issue is that you could actually see out of the window, and also it was a piece of glass on the "v" that was at risk of breakage due to being in the traffic side.... So I pulled it out and replaced it with a piece of lexan that I tinted. Although I don't plan on quitting my day job and becoming a tinter, it turned out better tha I expect for my first time. Hopefully it holds up...                
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