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Lake Alice

I/O repair north metro

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Can anyone reccommed someone to work on an I/O quickly, near White Bear? TIA

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    • Saw a flash by the window so looked out and saw the hawk. It grabbed a chipmunk. Grabbed the camera and snuck the patio door open to try and get a quick shot before it flew off. Fun ! It was just a couple feet from the end of the deck so the flowers helped. 
    • Saw a flash by the window so looked out and saw the hawk. It grabbed a chipmunk. Grabbed the camera and snuck the patio door open to try and get a quick shot before it flew off. Fun !
    • ONE would think you wouldn't need to quantify your need to go hunting all the time. that she'd be glad your outta her hair!!!!!!!!!!
    • I have used a graph unit before on the ice it definitely has its pros and cons.. But the Helix 5 I just got also has an ice fishing mode and I expect it will be very similar to other flashers? Keep in mind also I have only been using a VX-1 for last several years on the ice so I am expecting the Helix5 will be a nice upgrade especially with the GPS and Navionics+ card. I run and gun just to chase schools of perch and have to be very mobile to stay on top of them. During dusk and into the evening I often fish too shallow to run and gun so once I am setup I keep noise and light at a minimum. I appreciate the feed back, right now leaning towards a homemade setup or the Genzbox would still love to hear what others are using also.
    • I used to be the guy years ago claiming an approach but I don't get too excited on opener anymore either.  Opened the season on the 2nd weekend last year and did real well, hoping to do the same this year. I try to get as many hunts in as possible before deer hunting, and then hit it hard after. I keep telling the wife "it only comes around once a year ".  
    • In our neck of the woods, a lot of the lakes are very clear and the weeds can be seen, sometimes even the weeds that are in 12 - 15 feet of water with the tops being 5 or six feet from surface. On the less clear waters, during the summer months, the weeds that are in 4 - 10 feet of water will often show themselves on the surface as well. For those deeper weeds, or those that simply aren't making it to the surface, I use a lake map and a jig to find the weeds. I do not use electronics of any kind so lake maps are crucial to me, and though they don't pin point weed beds, if the map is a good one, and describes what the bottom consists of in certain areas, then it helps to narrow it down quite a bit. Then once I have found the weeds it's a matter of narrowing down the key spots in, and around, each weed bed and weed line. In this video I fish for crappies and gills on a weed line in Northern Michigan. This particular weed line is very visible so it's easy to find. On this lake, the weeds got so bad that they just weed killed several areas of the lake.   
    • I use lowrance and have the soft case ice packs.  One question- have you used a graph unit in a run and gun situation before? I was just having a conversation with a friend about this the other week. He has always used a vexilar even though he has HB graph units and gets more fish with the vex. He is much more of a run and gunner and can drop in the ducer, turn a knob or so and be locked in.   I, OTOH am more if the sit back and relax type and don't move around as much. When I do, I Fing the graph sonar to be a liability as I need to dial in the sensitivity and color line every time I change structure and depth or it doesn't mark fish as well. We both agree that a round circle noisy spinny wheel thingy is better when you run and gun. Sitting back and relaxing a graph is nice because you can dial it in and have the chart for memory if you look away or if a fish is coming.  
    • I don't care for any shandy.  They all taste bad to me.   Go drink your mike's hard lemonade, or maybe Coors light, and pretend you are in the mountains.
    • I was looking to buy a frame from this guy but it was out of my price range. He said he can weld on the axle arms after the galvanize. If you have not talked with the galvanizer yet I suggest you do. If your going to use AZZ galvanize out of winstead MN, Dan the sales guy is great to deal with and will explain everything you need to know.
    • Great idea, Purple!!!  I've done the Chili Dogs and Cody Sticks from Curley's.  Both are excellent!
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