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Above ground pool installation

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I am about to start an above ground pool installation. Its a hard-sided, permanent pool. has anyone done this, and can you offer any tips? My plan is as follows:

1. Level the ground. Right now one side of the area is about a foot higher than the other. I plan to make a flat area, bring in some sand, compact it, and add a layer of mason sand.

2. Dig a trench, install drain tile on the high side to prevent water getting under the pool during spring thaw and resulting heaving.

3. Build a short retaining wall on the high side to hold back the dirt from the pool. Cover drain tile with rock, backfill.

4. Set up pool+ liner, fill, chlorinate

5. Put down weed block and landscape rock around pool (and above drain tile)

6. Sit back with beer and watch kids have fun.

Thanks for any tips you can provide...

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I think the drain tile is overkill, I could be wrong but I think you would be wasting your time and money. We had an above ground pool and no problems with heaving.

Be sure that the sand bottum is smooth. Any bump, clump, foot print will be in the floor if left in the sand.

Buy your chemicals in the fall or watch for store closings to save some money.

When winterizing, take the pump inside, drain the filter, and lower the water level just below the skimmer line. the pool will go no wear.

In the spring don't let the kids poke at the ice or you will be replacing the liner.

They are a little more work on the up keep then just kicking back with a beer and watching the kids but if you can get away with it good for you. Good luck.

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Skip it...throw the kids in the car...head to them from the dock with a beer in hand and bobber out. smile

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Ditto everything Fishing Tech said with one exception: When lowering the water level in the fall, go a good 8 inches below the lowest opening for the skimmer or jet.

Some falls produce ALOT of rain between pool closing and freeze up. I like to have a cushion.

Also, if its a larger pool, accept the pain of paying someone to install the liner. Even following directions, and having extra help, its a b*tch. You need a steady, even stretch and you won't be happy with wrinkles.


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