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Torque specs for mounting motor

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So I put my motor on my boat last night. Wondering what the torque specs are for mounting a 150 Johnson to a fiberglass boat. I torqued them all to 60 ft lbs. It felt pretty tight. Should I go more before I put the gas tank back in a bury the bolts?

I put a new transom in, that is why the motor was off. I dug out all the old wood and put the Sea Cast product back in. That stuff is great for anybody looking to replace a transom in a fiberglass boat. I then but 6 layers of fiberglass back over the cap. I am a rookie and it turned out great. Solid as a rock. For anybody that is debating on whether you can replace it yourself, I would say go for it. I had zero experience in fiberglass work and it went smoothly. Should be water ready this weekend. Not looking forward to filling up the empty 28 gallon tank.

Thanks for the help with the torque specs!

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