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July plans

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got a buddy coming up from FL in late July, originally from here. He's a world class fisherman, no kidding. Not sure yet if it's 1wk or 2 of fishing this year.

A teacher by profession and an asst. with FL F&W, all he does is fish. He comes up each year for a few weeks of fishing and visiting with family. This year we hope to get to a few new spots with the canoe and on foot. Hoping one of the fisheries biologists is coming along for the trip.

If so, we plan to try and hit a few "secret", walk in spots up north for bass, pike and trout. You guys are welcome for any or all the days on the water. We go out every chance regardless of weather unless it's a bad storm. Hope to get some night fishing in too. My boat's not ready and won't be, but the canoe is. Dan's one of us, though he's far beyond my caliber! We'll travel to fish with any of you and I'm sure you'll be glad to meet Dan.

He's good for trading trips too! Freshwater and shallow water Salt! He knows FL's the big chains like the back of his hand. Just got back from a trip to TN with the biologist. 3 guys, one week, well over 300 fish. Hope he can get to meet some of you! Email me or call.


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