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Adding a rock driveway/parking pad?

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    • Good. We need someone to bring desert. 
    • Been a long week for me, the big wigs were in town this week for a couple days.  Long days.  Time to comp myself that time and take the afternoon off to go fishing.  Get my hands on a sweet bass. (Let's see if Big Dave can notice anything besides the hat)  
    • I will say this though. If his campaign had spent more time laying out policy positions on social media and less time posting memes of Clinton and Trump them maybe they would have thought through some of these things a little better. And if he isn't good at that type of interview format then just do like Clinton and don't give them.    You don't see Hillary Clinton taking these types of questions in this type of format because her team knows she would fare far worse. You dont see Trump doing it any more because he got burned himself by it prior to his new handlers taking over and Johnson needs to follow the same path because now days the media is much more concentrated on finding that gotcha moment than they are about discussing what is actually good for the country.   
    • Had a good hunt yesterday, saw tons of birds, most were decoy shy though
    • Hillary's campaign is paying for it, so it ain't all bad...
    • I love it. CNN and NBC are going all in after Johnson now that he is almost up to the debate threshold because they think he is pulling more votes from her than from Trump with both registered liberals and independents.  Even asking  why he hasn't dropped out because of a few gotcha questions that Trump and especially Clinton wouldn't even subject themselves to.   The funny thing is all the attention might just get him to the 15% mark after all 
    • No, it was another MSLSD network gotcha question that had zero impact on anyone's life. Hillary of course came up with Merkel who is responsible for the refugee crisis in Germany as well as bailing out the countries in the eurozone that can't run a self funding government due to their unsustainable social programs. Nice choice. And of course Trump is a great fan of Putin. That pretty much doesn't require further elaboration.  So, you got any world leaders you most admire?  
    • So, who's going to the pond this weekend? I plan on leaving the house around 6am, Probably fishing the East side
    • Detroit News stated that one of the reasons they endorsed Gary Johnson over Trump is that he supports the TPP. I hope this is not a sellout on Johnson's part.
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