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Canon Rebel Xsi... what does everybody think?

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I just purchased a new Canon Rebel Xsi body so I would have a backup for my photography business. I use the Rebel XT but had to have it repaired since the compact flash card got pushed in wrong and bent some pins (a very common problem with this particular model). After an expensive fix and the purchase of the Rebel Xsi I now have two workable cameras. What I am wondering is if there is any more of you out there that have purchased either camera and what are your comments about them.

Right now I am very impressed with the XSI since it has over 12 megapixels and an easier to use format. The live view is great because you see what you are going to get before taking the picture.

I am a fan of the Canon line since I have the lenses that will interchange with all of my Canon bodies. I also still shoot with the Rebel XT 35mm camera yet too since I still enjoy working with black and white developing although the computer is becoming more and more my dark room...

Anyway, any comments are welcome... Thanks.

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hondarider, the XSi has many elements of the new Canon pixel technology developed for the 1D mark3 and 1Ds mark3. That technology enables the pixels to be more sensitive to light than those of previous sensors, and that means a big jump in noise performance.

The great news in this is that, by using that new pixel technology in the XSi, an entry-level camera, it implies Canon will be implementing it in ALL its new DSLR bodies, not just the "1" series.

I've been using the XT as one of my backup bodies for two years and have never bent pins when pushing in the CF card.

A jump from 8 Mp in your XT to 12 Mp in your XSi isn't as significant as it might seem. The Mp math isn't straightforward, and while it seems that by adding 4 Mp to 8 Mp for a total of 12 Mp you'd be able to make prints 50 percent larger with the 12 Mp than the 8 Mp, it's not true.

However, the new pixel technology in the XSi makes quite a big difference. You will definitely like that camera. No other DSLR manufacturer has an equivalent consumer level camera/sensor when it comes to image quality and digital noise performance.

You characterized the XSi as a backup to your XT, but you'll soon find the lineup will switch 180 degrees, and you'll be taking the XSi out of the bag more often then the XT, unless you are in situations where you need to operate with two lenses simultaneously.

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