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harvey lee

KOTC Cat fishing get together

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    • any ideas on where or what to fish around there between oct 10 15?  
    • Gotta love rural America!
    • I don't think you need to do much scouting lol, that one in the picture is all you need to know however many people are getting giants on trailcam NOW, that they won't get come November. Are you bowhunting ? I'd assume maybe posting this in the archery forum and I'd assume my stand would be in appleville for now, one stand on each end, I'd try to figure the bedding area he or other nice bucks tend to use and then play the wind 100% of the time. Hunt weather changes types of days and if you have the chance I'd hunt as much as possible the 7 days before rifle opens, by then you should see ground scrapes in that area, I wouldn't hesitate to hunt 25 yards from the biggest freshest scrape you find come later October/first 4 days of November you could see him or another at high noon etc. 2 o'clock etc. they cruise daylight hours heavy then because they've already smelled or bred their first doe of the year and the woods are usually left quiet for rifle season so they travel like crazy.
    • I settled on the Muzzy 3 blade after going back and forth on all of the options.  I've been out tearing up my target with them the last several days and they've been shooting well for me.  I was a bit nervous the first day out with them as they were terrible groups and about 4-5 inches high and left.  I took a day of off shooting and came back and started shooting again and all of a sudden the groups where down to 3" and right on target.  Been shooting fine ever since.  I guess we all have our bad days. One of the big reasons I went with Muzzy is because I'm shooting a lighter draw weight so everything I've seen said to stick with fixed blades when shooting lower weights.  They've also been around forever and have stood the test of time.  Plus you can get a 6 pack + practice head for $37 at fleet farm so they are about $6/head versus $10-15 for alot of other brands.
    • Selfish lives matter, he's has the right to leave this country also, do it and see how things are in other countries. He needs a haircut really bad. Big tough guy Colon Kaepernick speaks we should all listen, I'd like to see how far a military man's boot could fit into that colon.
    • I've done some practice in a seated position as well and was shooting just fine so that is also an option.  I think i've got my bases covered to adapt to whatever the deer may throw at me.
    • Don't get it either fishuhalik, he's gonna burn quite a few dollars making that hiatus to go shoot up the local mallards, some honkers and maybe some shovelers,gadwalls, idk lol. Tomorrow morning I'm going to do in some honkers first, then hit the river woodies (solid bank type river easy walking) then put binocs on those mallards and if any appear green headed they're going to get it to and I'm riding a bicycle to my hunting spot(s). A mini ND run in a way lol. This is not the year in this area where you should feel the need to hunt outstate, but most still are going. Like last weekend, I guess I'll battle these swarms of ducks and geese, alone. Roosters in this east central mn area also it showed ->49 per square mile on the charts yet everyone bails for Morris, Marshall, or the Dakota's or Iowa. Must have money to burn but oh well thank you, I'll be on my bike for those soon enough also lol. Good luck everyone, heard if true the morning should be fairly cloudy burning off around noon kinda hope they're right, that sun can be nasty some mornings, next need a wasp/skeeter killing freeze ! 
    • I shot a lot of deer with the good old Bear Super Razorhead.  In 2008 when I finally bought a new bow, I bought carbon arrows for the first time and used Rocket Steelheads.  I've shot 12 to 15 deer since then with the Steelheads, both 100s and 125s.  All but one has been a pass through.  I think they are an amazing head.  The 125s are my favorite, but they quit making them.  I bought a bunch on hsolist so have probably a 10 year supply.  Not sure if I should buy more or finally move on to a new head when I run out.
    • Maybe, but the total kill and the kill of big bucks had been declining significantly before the tough winters hit.  Look at the kill stats from the early 2000s on.  Massive increase in doe harvest when bonus tags were allowed.  That, combined with wolf predation and winter drove the herd down extremely low.  IMVHO, you can't keep whacking the heck out of does when you have other very significant mortality factors at play. On a positive note, talking to one of the environmental staff this past June, he said they had been seeing more big bucks this year.  Hopefully one walks past me.   Good luck everyone!
    • Anyfish2 has good advice!
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