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Prop not spinning.....shear pin??

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I have an 84 Lund with a 25hp Evinrude on the back that I use for putting around my lake. I've had it for about 10 years and its ran like a champ for most of that time.

Whenever I get above say 1/3 throttle, the motor revs higher and the prop stops spinning. I heard from someone that is the shear pin, or something like that, which is stripped. Does anyone know how hard this would be to fix? Is it easy?

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Pull the prop off - if there's a shear pin see if it's broke.

If it's not, use a white paint pen, draw a mark from the outside of the hub to the inside of the hub, run it a while and see if the lines move with respect to each other.

It's likely one or the other.


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I would agree on the spun hub. There is a piece of rubber that connects the prop to the hub that is splined to the shaft. If the rubber tears free from the prop the hub will turn but the prop wont. if you can start it with muffs on it in the yard and put it in gear see if the center of the hub turns. The whole prop may spin even if the rubber is bad when there is no load on it. If the center part doesnt turn then there is another issue, but if the center turns and the the prop doesnt then you can have the prop repaired and it will cost you less than a new one.

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