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Engine Hoist Rental?

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Any suggestions on where to rent an engine hoist? I need to lift my outboard off so I can change a steering cable. Any idea on what it costs for a few hours?

On the same topic, anyone know what the local boat shops charge for a lift ring for a Merc (I have a 125, but I've heard they all use the same ring). Can you rent those too, or do you have to buy one?


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Any Rental will have a cherry picker. Pull the motor cover off, you might all ready have a lift ring/tab. If you need to buy one a boat/outboard dealer would be your best bet. A web choker fitted around the powerhead will do or a chain bridle using same bolts you'd attach the tab to. Or make your own out of flat bar.

If you have a garage with exposed trusses you can span the trusses with a 4x4 to share the load. Use a chain hoist/comealong to lift. All you need to do is take the outboard's weight off the transom and shift the outboard over just enough to get the steering cable out. You could also lift the outboard with the trailers tongue jack. Lower the trailer tongue to its lowest point. Trim the outboard out. Attach the choker to the powerhead or a chain to the lift ring. Fasten to the 4x4 overhead taking all the slack out.

As you raise the tounge jack the stern of the boat will lower.

Once you get the cable replaced and before you move the outboard back, seal the holes in transom with %100 silicon.

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