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Jeremy airjer W

Week 14 Winner(s)

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One of our weekly winners ties catman for the most weekly wins at 2, the other gets his first weekly win and goes straight to the top and is now the points leader. Congratulations this week goes to Braves57 and RosoRiverRats who both scored an impressive 377 points this week. Pocono was good to you two!!

braves57 377

RosoRiverRat 377

Jbell1981 370

Rip_Some_Lip ® 369

Sutty 344

jwhjr ® 336

Meaney --17-- ® 334

PerchPounder 333

Fishing_Novice ® 331

Cyberfish 329

bbqhead 325

legend 89 322

PikeBayCommanche 322

Down to Earth ® 306

fishinchicks ® 301

Harmonica Bear 301

Tunrevir1 301

Cheeser 289

MNO Man ® 289

Crazy Train 287

rossthefisherman ® 287

Capt.Blaine 285

Johnsonator ® 285

delzz7 284

Airjer 283

lawdog 280

LMITOUT88 ® 278

TNFL 278

xedge2002 275

Juneau4 ® 274

the pro ® 273

HOF#13 271

shiner2367 ® 270

anyfishwilldo 261

Iron Cowboys 261

musky999 261

DDT26 ® 260

Jking 257

yaggieboys 256

muc33 255


Outdoornut 254

Sifty 253

harvey lee 245

1lkstage 243

2dog ® 242

Uncle Bill 239

ReefRunner ® 237

Lee Enterprises 234

MN Mike 233

Outdoor Ran 231

fishonnopeoff ® 227

FatMike ® 223

wally20 223

mnwildman 221

Wallyeyes ® 220

Smoke20 ® 211

catman ® 208

wyldewal 208

SoldierGirl ® 206

MetroJoe 204

Papa Grump 204

Bass N Spear ® 196

mnhunter381 ® 193

Double D's 166

hoppe56307 ® 159

Trick on the track ® 157

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Overall Points

1 braves57 4078

2 bbqhead 4041

3 Capt.Blaine 3958

4 Outdoornut 3957

5 catman ® 3903

6 Airjer 3895

7 PikeBayCommanche 3850

8 musky999 3850

9 RosoRiverRat 3848

10 NAPAFISH 3833

11 the pro ® 3816

12 Cheeser 3808

13 Johnsonator ® 3771

14 MNO Man ® 3754

15 Crazy Train 3742

16 Tunrevir1 3737

17 harvey lee 3736

18 TNFL 3725

19 mnhunter381 ® 3714

20 MetroJoe 3710

21 wally20 3691

22 1lkstage 3685

23 yaggieboys 3681

24 Smoke20 ® 3679

25 Bass N Spear ® 3675

26 Fishing_Novice ® 3653

27 mnwildman 3653

28 lawdog 3651

29 Rip_Some_Lip ® 3643

30 legend 89 3641

31 rossthefisherman ® 3638

32 FatMike ® 3637

33 delzz7 3629

34 Down to Earth ® 3621

35 Meaney --17-- ® 3602

36 Jking 3600

37 Jbell1981 3599

38 Cyberfish 3598

39 fishinchicks ® 3596

40 DDT26 ® 3588

41 jwhjr ® 3587

42 anyfishwilldo 3587

43 LMITOUT88 ® 3584

44 Juneau4 ® 3575

45 Iron Cowboys 3561

46 Papa Grump 3553

47 HOF#13 3524

48 Sutty 3522

49 fishonnopeoff ® 3500

50 wyldewal 3498

51 shiner2367 ® 3496

52 SoldierGirl ® 3484

53 Trick on the track ® 3482

54 PerchPounder 3475

55 Sifty 3451

56 Harmonica Bear 3447

57 Outdoor Ran 3430

58 Wallyeyes ® 3424

59 muc33 3418

60 2dog ® 3418

61 hoppe56307 ® 3414

62 Lee Enterprises 3397

63 Uncle Bill 3374

64 Double D's 3211

65 xedge2002 3193

66 MN Mike 3029

67 ReefRunner ® 2454

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Stats n Stuff

Previous Winners

2006 - Baga(Sandee), 346 points

2007 - TeamWFO(woodyjdh), 364 points

Points ahead or behind compared to this point last year

1lkstage 410

Airjer 281

anyfishwilldo 146

bbqhead 440

braves57 209

Capt.Blaine 487

Cheeser 570

Cyberfish 78

delzz7 120

Double D's -416

Harmonica Bear -183

harvey lee -69

HOF#13 -142

Jbell1981 -76

Jking -242

lawdog 327

Lee Enterprises -242

legend 89 -17

MetroJoe 120

MN Mike 103

mnwildman 174

muc33 100

musky999 130


Outdoor Ran -466

Outdoornut 426

Papa Grump 104

PerchPounder -246

PikeBayCommanche 342

RosoRiverRat 397

Sifty 112

Sutty 3

TNFL 181

Tunrevir1 295

Uncle Bill 2

wally20 275

wyldewal -300

xedge2002 -448

yaggieboys -71

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Congrats to the winners.

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Yep. Congrats to all those who picked well!!!!

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I guess it helps when I play every week, eh? wink

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I guess it does! Looks like your almost two weeks ahead of last year!!! grin

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  • Posts

    • The 2 lakes i bass fish have slowed way down the last week.   A swim-bait ripple shad was hot ticket for a while but that is just a pike attraction right now.  Been switching to a Senko and helped a little.   Pads are coming up fast now and we should see a spike up in activity soon.  Cannot wait to throw the frogs soon as that is the biggest rush watching those eruptions in the water!!   Thanks for posting as i found it to be quite slower than usual also.   Which means i need to find better ammo during those times.  
    • Tomorrow we will be back at it
    • I am giving it a last hurrah tomorrow. Sorry I haven't been able to check in here much. I have hardly been able to get out this year between work, a baby at home, and a recent trip out of the country for a relative's wedding.    Last time I was out I had a real nice Tom within 20 yards after a very long standoff. I think I screwed it up by rushing myself a bit. He stood around 50 yards out literally strutting back and forth like someone had drawn a line in the mud that he wouldnt cross. He must not have wanted to fight with the strutter decoy we had out. He did that for 45 minutes to an hour and finally came our way after a hen led him towards us.    They came past us but were outside the decoys and angling slightly away from us. Then the tom turned and started angling straight at the strutter decoy. That meant he was basically quartering to me and when he was 15-17 yards or so out I drew because in the back of my mind i was thinking if he kept moving that way and past the decoy he would quickly be in a spot I would have had no shot.   In hindsight I think he had realized (once he got close enough) that he would have been able to whoop up on the decoy and he was coming in to do just that. I probably should have waited to see, but I didn't and right as I hit the backwall of my draw his head popped up on alert and he turned around and walked straight away knowing something wasn't quite right. I could have easily shot at him at 20 yards but he was facing away and I just didn't feel comfortable. I am confident I would have hit my mark but I didn't like shooting at something walking straight away when I am not experienced with bow hunting turkeys.   I know some people will say that I should have shot, but I have been bow hunting for awhile and never wounded anything because of a poor shot or poor shot selection, so I didn't want that to be a first. Hopefully I get a shot at redemption tomorrow!
    • Way to go team!! I sure took the avg score down with my jake
    • nice story, fishing has a way of easing the pains we have. even when we hurt like crazy when done for the day we are looking forward to the next outing.
    • way to go, guys yep, the toms not about to give up even though its close to closing time have seen several strutters the past couple weeks and heard gobbles yesterday while fishing
    • great job. makes it 5 for 5 for team 5 congrats on a nice tom, 57 and that willl give our team score a boost
    • One More Cast      Photo by:  Roger Abraham   If any of you out there are regular readers of my tales, you have followed my recent struggles with back and knees.  I can’t put a name to this drive I have to be on the stream as of late.  It borders on obsession. I guess in my mind if I am healthy enough to fish the world is right with me and I am not getting old and feeble.      Today I was a witness to that I am not the only one.  Lots of anglers and hunters live to go out into the outdoors. .  It is what drives them.  It makes them feel alive.  It is their passion.  I told my fishing buddy Abe today my thoughts.  I told him how I was feeling a little old.  I guess my 60th birthday coming up next month makes me feel mortal.  Abe laughed and said I was a young buck compared to him.  Abe turns 76 this year.     Abe told me tales about catching big trout in tiny streams in Wisconsin and out west.  The twinkle in his eye when he reminisced I had seen before in many trout anglers.      We fished a stretch for 2 hours.  I sat down and rested often.  Abe kept on fishing. He got hung up in a box elder branch and lost a lure.  Abe told me box elders trees were his nemesis when he fished.   He asked me which tree was my kryptonite.  I told him, "ones with branches."  We both had a chuckle and continued fishing.   I thought to myself this guy is really driven.  I hope I am like him at 76.     We got to the vehicle and Abe wanted to continue fishing.  Abe’s waders sprang a leak earlier and he fell in the water a couple times.  He was quite wet.  He wanted to change in to dry clothes before we continue.  Abe peeled off his wet shirt and there were two things stuck to his chest.  He could tell by my questioning look he needed to tell me what was up.     Abe told me he had been having heart problems lately and he was supposed to be wearing a heart monitor.  He left it in the car because he was afraid of getting the electronics wet.  Here I have been whining about being old and the guy I was fishing with left his heart monitor in his vehicle.      Abe reassured me that he was in no danger and he could continue fishing.  I started brainstorming on a place to fish where it was not so hard walking.  Now that I knew he was not as healthy as he looked I wanted an easy place to fish.  I knew the place and it was upstream 5 miles.     We arrived at the well manicured field.  It looked like a golf green.  I picked the area because the farmer kept sheep and goats on the land and the weeds and brush were gone because of the goats.  We walked and fished.     Abe told tales of the old days and of fish lost and landed.  I walked a little forward to fish and looked back to check up on Abe.  What I saw when I looked back scared me and I immediately asked Abe if he was ok.  Abe was laying flat on the ground face down.  I thought the worst and he could tell by my face.  He told me to calm down.  His back was acting up and he needed to straight it out and that was the best way to do it.   We fished a little bit more and he took a photo of me.  He liked the lighting. He told me it captured the essence of trout fishing.  He did not have a camera.  I let him use mine.  He was not camera savvy and needed an impromptu lesson on how to use it.   We drove to his car and we talked about our love of the outdoors. We shook hands and headed our separate ways and promised to fish again soon.  As I drove home I smiled and thought about how I am going to be when I am 76.  I hope I am like Abe and my eyes still twinkle when I talk of chasing trout and I am still driven to make one more cast.
    • The past week has had me having multiple close calls and missing a brute at 45 yards.  Tonight I talked my dad to give it another try and there were birds in the field when we got there.  Birds ended up leaving as we tried to sneak in.  A short 20 minutes later they were back and we watched and worked the big group of toms and hens for more than 2 hours before we got one to commit.  Dad shot him with his 20 gauge at 48 yards,(this thing shoots an awesome pattern).  The 3 year old was down and only flopped a few times.   Nice 1+ inch spurs, 10" beard and heavy.  A good evening for sure!
    • Sorry to disappoint guys, but this tom was not my first bird of the season. Apparently that's part of the rules. The score won't count towards the team. I don't have any measurements for the jake I shot so we will have a zero from me.    At least my freezer is full. 
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