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Jeremy airjer W

Week 14 Winner(s)

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One of our weekly winners ties catman for the most weekly wins at 2, the other gets his first weekly win and goes straight to the top and is now the points leader. Congratulations this week goes to Braves57 and RosoRiverRats who both scored an impressive 377 points this week. Pocono was good to you two!!

braves57 377

RosoRiverRat 377

Jbell1981 370

Rip_Some_Lip ® 369

Sutty 344

jwhjr ® 336

Meaney --17-- ® 334

PerchPounder 333

Fishing_Novice ® 331

Cyberfish 329

bbqhead 325

legend 89 322

PikeBayCommanche 322

Down to Earth ® 306

fishinchicks ® 301

Harmonica Bear 301

Tunrevir1 301

Cheeser 289

MNO Man ® 289

Crazy Train 287

rossthefisherman ® 287

Capt.Blaine 285

Johnsonator ® 285

delzz7 284

Airjer 283

lawdog 280

LMITOUT88 ® 278

TNFL 278

xedge2002 275

Juneau4 ® 274

the pro ® 273

HOF#13 271

shiner2367 ® 270

anyfishwilldo 261

Iron Cowboys 261

musky999 261

DDT26 ® 260

Jking 257

yaggieboys 256

muc33 255


Outdoornut 254

Sifty 253

harvey lee 245

1lkstage 243

2dog ® 242

Uncle Bill 239

ReefRunner ® 237

Lee Enterprises 234

MN Mike 233

Outdoor Ran 231

fishonnopeoff ® 227

FatMike ® 223

wally20 223

mnwildman 221

Wallyeyes ® 220

Smoke20 ® 211

catman ® 208

wyldewal 208

SoldierGirl ® 206

MetroJoe 204

Papa Grump 204

Bass N Spear ® 196

mnhunter381 ® 193

Double D's 166

hoppe56307 ® 159

Trick on the track ® 157

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Overall Points

1 braves57 4078

2 bbqhead 4041

3 Capt.Blaine 3958

4 Outdoornut 3957

5 catman ® 3903

6 Airjer 3895

7 PikeBayCommanche 3850

8 musky999 3850

9 RosoRiverRat 3848

10 NAPAFISH 3833

11 the pro ® 3816

12 Cheeser 3808

13 Johnsonator ® 3771

14 MNO Man ® 3754

15 Crazy Train 3742

16 Tunrevir1 3737

17 harvey lee 3736

18 TNFL 3725

19 mnhunter381 ® 3714

20 MetroJoe 3710

21 wally20 3691

22 1lkstage 3685

23 yaggieboys 3681

24 Smoke20 ® 3679

25 Bass N Spear ® 3675

26 Fishing_Novice ® 3653

27 mnwildman 3653

28 lawdog 3651

29 Rip_Some_Lip ® 3643

30 legend 89 3641

31 rossthefisherman ® 3638

32 FatMike ® 3637

33 delzz7 3629

34 Down to Earth ® 3621

35 Meaney --17-- ® 3602

36 Jking 3600

37 Jbell1981 3599

38 Cyberfish 3598

39 fishinchicks ® 3596

40 DDT26 ® 3588

41 jwhjr ® 3587

42 anyfishwilldo 3587

43 LMITOUT88 ® 3584

44 Juneau4 ® 3575

45 Iron Cowboys 3561

46 Papa Grump 3553

47 HOF#13 3524

48 Sutty 3522

49 fishonnopeoff ® 3500

50 wyldewal 3498

51 shiner2367 ® 3496

52 SoldierGirl ® 3484

53 Trick on the track ® 3482

54 PerchPounder 3475

55 Sifty 3451

56 Harmonica Bear 3447

57 Outdoor Ran 3430

58 Wallyeyes ® 3424

59 muc33 3418

60 2dog ® 3418

61 hoppe56307 ® 3414

62 Lee Enterprises 3397

63 Uncle Bill 3374

64 Double D's 3211

65 xedge2002 3193

66 MN Mike 3029

67 ReefRunner ® 2454

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Stats n Stuff

Previous Winners

2006 - Baga(Sandee), 346 points

2007 - TeamWFO(woodyjdh), 364 points

Points ahead or behind compared to this point last year

1lkstage 410

Airjer 281

anyfishwilldo 146

bbqhead 440

braves57 209

Capt.Blaine 487

Cheeser 570

Cyberfish 78

delzz7 120

Double D's -416

Harmonica Bear -183

harvey lee -69

HOF#13 -142

Jbell1981 -76

Jking -242

lawdog 327

Lee Enterprises -242

legend 89 -17

MetroJoe 120

MN Mike 103

mnwildman 174

muc33 100

musky999 130


Outdoor Ran -466

Outdoornut 426

Papa Grump 104

PerchPounder -246

PikeBayCommanche 342

RosoRiverRat 397

Sifty 112

Sutty 3

TNFL 181

Tunrevir1 295

Uncle Bill 2

wally20 275

wyldewal -300

xedge2002 -448

yaggieboys -71

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Congrats to the winners.

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Yep. Congrats to all those who picked well!!!!

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I guess it helps when I play every week, eh? wink

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I guess it does! Looks like your almost two weeks ahead of last year!!! grin

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  • Posts

    • Was thinking for hunting and maybe put a plow on it to use at my place up north. Wouldn't be my main driver. Was thinking around 15K for budget but that was before I did much looking mostly on line so far. But might step up in price for the right rig. And a lot of that would depend if I liked the newer V6 engine and 5 speed auto or 6 speed trany and less miles etc. Just by looking at dealer prices on line I would think a guy could find a pretty nice late model for around 20 or less. I think if I bought a nicer later model I would drive it more as they look like they have made the interior a lot nicer and more comfortable than the older ones. On the other hand if I ran across a real clean older one with the in line 6 and not to many miles for the right price that would be an option to. The drawback to a newer shiny one it might take a while before I ran it down the brushy trail.  
    • I am submitting this bird for Sutty on his behalf.     Forum Member: Sutty          
      Date: April 28, 2017
      Team Name: Team 2
      Youth Hunter(17 or younger): No
      Turkey Subspecies: Eastern
      State/Province Bird was Harvested In: Minnesota
      Turkey’s Stats
      Beard Length 10 inches
      Spur Length 1 & 3/16" 
      Weight 22lb 4oz
      I certify that the measurements listed above are accurate to the best of my ability.
      Forum Member: John Sutton                       Date: 4/28
      Witness: Josh Tschida                     Date: 4/28          
    • Our MN hunt this year was just about as easy as they come.  Sutty and I arrived at different times, he was late, and set up on opposite sides of the field as planned.  I could hear the birds gobbling in the valley below in their usual spot, and they sat there a long time in the cold.  Sutty couldn't see because he was on the back side of a finger of trees because he didn't want to spook anything out since he was late...  Eventually they got down and proceeded to sit on the far hill for a while longer.  I could see a 6 or so males, but suspected most were jakes, and a few hens.     Just when I was getting tired of waiting, about 8:30am, I saw one gobbler enter the field and walk straight towards Sutty's position.  As the bird got in front of Sutty, another nice gobbler came into the field.  I called to him but he wanted nothing to do with me.  Sutty shot the first bird, and the second one didn't know what happened.  Of course Sutty came running out of his blind and scared off the second bird that he didn't even know was there.      Sutty just bought a new house and had to head home asap to help his wife with packing things, and his daughter didn't seem too interested in shooting her own bird this year.  Now that she saw how ridiculously easy it is she probably won't be interested next time either.      I figured I should get to the edge of the field the birds were coming out on, and as I started moving my blind I bumped some hens that hadn't yet come up all the way out of the valley.   I finished getting my blind in place and sat a while, but it seemed we had scared the remaining birds out of the area, or maybe they were just laying low out of the wind.  In any case I went to get some lunch and let things settle down for a while.     After a couple hours of eating and casting for fish that weren't there, I decided I would head back up to sit in my blind.  Just as I reached the top of the hill to see into the field I saw three big gobblers walking across the field.  I ducked down and ran around the edge of the field out of their view to get closer.     I crawled up to about 10yd from the field edge, as far as I could go without being seen, and started calling.  They liked what they heard, but wouldn't commit right away.  After maybe 10 minutes of me cutting and purring, and all three of them strutting and gobbling out at 60-70 yards they started coming.  I couldn't see them well through the brush I was behind, and they didn't want to walk through it.  If I was at the edge of the field I could have shot them, they were within 40yd.  They proceeded to do a big arc along the field edge back to where I had just walked.     After a couple minutes of not seeing them I picked up my call, they gobbled, and then I saw them marching in where I had just walked.  When I last saw them going this direction I had shifted to face that way, I was now facing the tree I just had my back against, which put my butt in a thorn patch and the barrel to one side of the tree.  The birds started walking to the other side, so as they got behind the tree I eased the barrel to the side they were going to come out on.  They started coming up the other side back to the field they were just in and were too close together for a shot.  Finally one eased out in front and I let him have it.  He tipped backwards and rolled back downhill, and didn't even kick until I went over to grab him.  27 yards with the range finder after the fact.       Both birds turned out to be very nice old birds with long spurs.     Sutty's weighted 22lb 4oz, 10" beard, 1 3/16" spurs.  I believe this is his best turkey to date.     My bird weighted 25lb 8oz, 10" beard, 1 1/8" spurs.  My best turkey by weight and age.     Sutty and his bird.        Me and my bird.  I shot from one of the trees above this rock I think.      
    • Got it done in mn.  More to come when I get home.
    • Go to a license agent and buy one for your desired season. Season C, is on process thru May 2nd. Season D, is May 3rd thru May 9th. Season E, is May 10th thru May 16th. Season F, is May 17th thru May 31st. Season F also allows anyone with an unused tag from earlier season to hunt this period as well.   Hope this help PF.  
    • How do the over the counter licenses work this year? I missed last season but would like to get out this year even though I didn't apply for the lottery.
    • What exactly will you be using it for? Driving around the country with the top down, hunting the back woods, fording small creeks?   Do you have a particular budget to stick to?
    • at times the prop will stop on mine, usually when I move it to turn, need to tear into it sometime, I have use fishelectronics for misc. parts
    • I might have to get out and test drive a few and figure out what I like and don't like. Definitly not buying new so Ill narrow it down a bit and then wait for that cherry to show up.
    • Good job on getting it done with a limited amount of time left to hunt.
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