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Hey Everybody!!!!

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Although I wont have the privilege of hitting the water for the Muskie season opener... I just wanted to wish everybody who will be on the lakes tomorrow this... Good luck and do bring home sweet pics!!!

Also, dont forget your brand new pink lures!!! Be safe!

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Thanks, and the same to you when you do get out.

Ill be heading out in 2 hrs.

Good luck all.

Stay safe!

Stick a fattie!!


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    • That is amazing!! I especially like the dovetails!! And the hand made flasher holder!! That has me seriously thinking... just what i need, another project before winter gets here.  Seriously, that's awesome!
    • Who said anything about victim? We have terrible representation, I am taking responsibility by trying to change it. Sure beats picking some party your parents voted for and blindly sticking with them your whole life. That isn't a poke at you Del, just the way things are.
    • I like them in Spring when the water is still cold. An original in white works well for me, usually fished on 15lb mono. This year I mostly used a Strike King blade minnow as a trailer.
    • Just ask her..... It's because you want more of the Obama policies and more.  It's because she is a woman and you want to show you are not a bigot. It's because Trump will destroy the country and probably the planet.   /sarcasm for the reading impaired...
    • You don't deserve better because they got nominated by voters who chose them instead of one of the other possibilities.  What did you do to get one of the others chosen?   If you just watched TV and went to work and were not involved in the process, then you got what you deserved, as did the rest of the country.   You are not a victim.  No mysterious cabal did this to you.   We are all responsible and that includes you.    Is that so hard to accept? 
    • Sorry if this has been discussed before, I wasn't able to find anything through a quick search.  I'm looking to start a new fish house build and wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Tebben frames.  I like the idea of how they raise the tongue of the trailer keeping the hitch level.  My current trailer binds up on the ball when it's lowered making it difficult to disconnect from my truck. My main concerns are if I can get it galvanized and if there were any added charges for that.  Also, do these come with trailer brakes built in, or would I have to add those myself?  From what I've seen online, correct me if I'm wrong, trailer brakes are required on trailers with a gross weight of 3000# or more in Iowa and Minnesota.  With a frame weight of 1780#, I'm assuming I'll go over 3000# pretty quickly. I'm planning to build a 20' house with steel 1x1" square tubing for the studs.  My first build was a 6-1/2x10' plus a 3'v.  It still works great, I just enjoy the project almost as much as I enjoy fishing out of it and I'm ready for an upgrade!
    • Lets not project your low self esteem onto me, it's hard for me to imagine anyone in this country not deserving better than Clinton or Trump but yet here we are. I guess sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you see how bad our choices are. Just wait until the economy crashes hard again, tends to happen around these elections you know. That should get some people riled up.
    • So I should vote for Hillary why?
    • I wonder Joe's focus some also, always looks focused but when after the first 9 games of the year you have a 0% chance at the post-season if that's a factor at all ? Hasn't been for Dozier. Will this happen when he gets in that final contract year will he have a good year ? I think he slides off into the sunset but that will depend on his wife, kids and family. .261 as of today still 11/49. How many years away are we from seeing playoff baseball again ? Hopefully sooner then later. Now you read up and we don't have a good defensive catcher etc. in Sunday's star and trib. I'd ask him to go back there, this saving him for what ? Wilson Ramos for Matt Capps was it ? Front office has been a weakness also for a while now.   
    • Are we comparing Teddy to Carr ? Is Carr good ? OK, simmering down fine keep Theodore for a backup because in 3 years when he's finally ready maybe again, Bradford might be down. People are assuming Ted can come back from this he nearly needed an amputation from what the training staff did saved his leg or was that report false ? I think the next Louisville guy might be a franchise QB. Ted needs to fill out in a hurry, maybe this down time will put some weight on him. I look at it this way in most sports. Is Teddy making the guys around him better or is it the other way. Either way we're 3-0 and I've forgotten Teddy just like everyone else has, no one is shedding a tear that Ted is sidelined, beat Rodgers and Newton back to back, feeling blessed Teddy wasn't out there tossing a flailed left handed pass to nobody.  
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