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Jeremy airjer W

Week 13 Winner

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Catman decides to up his personal best by 37 points and takes his second weekly win in as many weeks. With 28 teams breaking 300 and the top five separated by only 8 points, it is a well earned weekly win. Congratulations Catman!!

1 catman ® 387

2 MNO Man ® 384

3 delzz7 383

4 harvey lee 383

5 Outdoornut 379

6 RosoRiverRat 378

7 bbqhead 374

8 yaggieboys 374

9 DDT26 ® 374

10 fishonnopeoff ® 374

11 Crazy Train 357

12 braves57 354

13 Cheeser 345

14 muc33 342

15 Cyberfish 342

16 MetroJoe 336


18 Tunrevir1 330

19 Airjer 330

20 musky999 329

21 1lkstage 329

22 PikeBayCommanche 327

23 HOF#13 310

24 legend 89 310

25 Jbell1981 307

26 Iron Cowboys 305

27 hoppe56307 ® 304

28 wally20 304

29 FatMike ® 304

30 Fishing_Novice ® 299

31 Outdoor Ran 294

32 Lee Enterprises 294

33 Johnsonator ® 292

34 Jking 289

35 shiner2367 ® 288

36 Sifty 285

37 TNFL 277

38 Uncle Bill 276

39 Bass N Spear ® 275

40 Down to Earth ® 275

41 PerchPounder 275

42 mnwildman 271

43 LMITOUT88 ® 268

44 Meaney --17-- ® 264

45 SoldierGirl ® 263

46 Sutty 262

47 Harmonica Bear 257

48 anyfishwilldo 255

49 xedge2002 253

50 2dog ® 253

51 mnhunter381 ® 250

52 Rip_Some_Lip ® 240

53 Trick on the track ® 233

54 Papa Grump 231

55 Smoke20 ® 219

56 wyldewal 217

57 the pro ® 210

58 lawdog 210

59 ReefRunner ® 207

60 MN Mike 206

61 jwhjr ® 199

62 fishinchicks ® 194

63 Wallyeyes ® 192

64 rossthefisherman ® 164

65 Capt.Blaine 160

66 Juneau4 ® 149

67 Double D's 112

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Total Points

bbqhead takes over Capt.Blaines impressive 11 weeks on the top.

1 bbqhead 3716

2 Outdoornut 3703

3 braves57 3701

4 catman ® 3695

5 Capt.Blaine 3673

6 Airjer 3612

7 musky999 3589


9 the pro ® 3543

10 PikeBayCommanche 3528

11 mnhunter381 ® 3521

12 Cheeser 3519

13 MetroJoe 3506

14 harvey lee 3491

15 Johnsonator ® 3486

16 Bass N Spear ® 3479

17 RosoRiverRat 3471

18 wally20 3468

19 Smoke20 ® 3468

20 MNO Man ® 3465

21 Crazy Train 3455

22 TNFL 3447

23 1lkstage 3442

24 Tunrevir1 3436

25 mnwildman 3432

26 yaggieboys 3425

27 FatMike ® 3414

28 lawdog 3371

29 rossthefisherman ® 3351

30 Papa Grump 3349

31 delzz7 3345

32 Jking 3343

33 DDT26 ® 3328

34 anyfishwilldo 3326

35 Trick on the track ® 3325

36 Fishing_Novice ® 3322

37 legend 89 3319

38 Down to Earth ® 3315

39 LMITOUT88 ® 3306

40 Juneau4 ® 3301

41 Iron Cowboys 3300

42 fishinchicks ® 3295

43 wyldewal 3290

44 SoldierGirl ® 3278

45 Rip_Some_Lip ® 3274

46 fishonnopeoff ® 3273

47 Cyberfish 3269

48 Meaney --17-- ® 3268

49 hoppe56307 ® 3255

50 HOF#13 3253

51 jwhjr ® 3251

52 Jbell1981 3229

53 shiner2367 ® 3226

54 Wallyeyes ® 3204

55 Outdoor Ran 3199

56 Sifty 3198

57 Sutty 3178

58 2dog ® 3176

59 muc33 3163

60 Lee Enterprises 3163

61 Harmonica Bear 3146

62 PerchPounder 3142

63 Uncle Bill 3135

64 Double D's 3045

65 xedge2002 2918

66 MN Mike 2796

67 ReefRunner ® 2217

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Stats n Stuff

Previous Winners

2006 - Weekend Wreckers, 322 points

2007 - Outdoor Ran, 330 points

Average Rank

Capt.Blaine 1

the pro ® 4

PikeBayCommanche 5

Smoke20 ® 6

bbqhead 10

musky999 12

1lkstage 14

catman ® 14

Airjer 15

braves57 15

Johnsonator ® 15

Juneau4 ® 15

FatMike ® 16


mnhunter381 ® 20

LMITOUT88 ® 21

Sifty 21

Meaney --17-- ® 22

Bass N Spear ® 23

Cheeser 23

wally20 23

MetroJoe 24

Papa Grump 24

Double D's 27

Outdoornut 27

Rip_Some_Lip ® 27


lawdog 30

RosoRiverRat 30

Trick on the track ® 30

harvey lee 31

MNO Man ® 31

rossthefisherman ® 32

Wallyeyes ® 32

anyfishwilldo 33

Crazy Train 34

jwhjr ® 34

Lee Enterprises 34

fishinchicks ® 36

Iron Cowboys 36

wyldewal 39

Jking 42

Tunrevir1 42

yaggieboys 42

legend 89 43

Fishing_Novice ® 44

Outdoor Ran 44

SoldierGirl ® 44

Down to Earth ® 45

mnwildman 45

ReefRunner ® 46

Harmonica Bear 47

2dog ® 48

shiner2367 ® 50

DDT26 ® 51

HOF#13 51

MN Mike 51

Cyberfish 52

fishonnopeoff ® 53

hoppe56307 ® 54

Jbell1981 55

PerchPounder 55

Sutty 58

delzz7 59

muc33 61

Uncle Bill 61

xedge2002 65

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Congrats to the top dog. Boy, one needs a 400 week to win one with this tough group. Nice week for many.

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Yep...great job to all those in the high 300's. I finally cracked 300 points for the first time this season, and still got clobbered.

I want to go back to last years standings!!!!

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Congrats on the win. Rough week again for me, but I've been using drivers that are not so hot in the hope that I can save some of the strong ones for later in the season. I'm sure when I start using them more they'll go cold.

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Ouch! eek That race hurt!! Looks like I have some catching up to do.

Congrats on the win though!!

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I go fishing for a few days, don't really pay attention to how the race went this week, come home and see only 112 points. Oh no, I thought, I must have forgotten to start some cars. I check it out, nope all 4 drivers started, I just should have picked for the bottom: I had 3 drivers in the bottom 10, and the other finished somewhere in the teens.

I thought I had the all time low about a month ago at 124 for 4 drivers, but noooooo, I had to go and beat my own record. Oh well, it's all for fun.


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      Before you begin, make sure you have a good strong battery and make sure it's charged up. If you have a bad or weak battery, you may want to replace it because if it doesn't crank good and strong, you are likely to get a low, inaccurate reading. Make sure your engine is warmed up to operating temperature(if possible). About 10 minutes of riding should do.

      First, take out the spark plug and thread in the adapter for the compression tester. Make sure you have the correct size adapter for your particular ATV. Slide your kill switch to the "off" position. Some ATVs won't crank over with the kill switch in the "off" position, so if yours is like this, then you will need to either unhook your ignition coil or ground the end of the spark plug wire to a good ground. You can use a jumper wire with alligator clips on each end to ground it. Next, make sure the throttle is in the wide open position. You can either hold the throttle lever with your thumb or you may be able to tape it or use a zip tie to fasten it to your handlebars to hold it in the wide open position. If you don't have the throttle in the wide open position, you will probably get too low of a reading. Also, if you are testing a newly rebuilt engine, the engine needs to have been run for, at least, 30 or 40 minutes or you will probably get too low of a reading.

      NOTE: Before you begin with the actual test, make sure the threaded adapter is screwed in good and isn't leaking any air out around it.


      With the throttle in the wide open position, push the start button and crank the engine over until the hand on the gauge stops moving. Each time the engine turns over the hand should raise a little more until it reaches the maximum compression of the engine. When it stops, that is your compression reading. This usually takes no more than 10 seconds. Try to avoid cranking an engine for more than 10 seconds at a time as this is hard on the starter and the battery. Now, push the relief valve on your compression gauge and that will reset the hand back to zero. It's a good ideal to repeat the test a couple or three times to make sure you get an accurate reading. On kick start models, it will be the same procedure, but obviously you will be kicking it over instead of using a start button. Worn piston rings and cylinder walls will increase the number of strokes it takes to reach the maximum reading. If you're kicking, it could possibly take as many as 10-20 kicks to get the highest reading.


      You will need to check your repair manual for your particular model for the correct compression specifications. See note below. Usually, an engine will run OK if it has at least 100 PSI of compression. Most engines will have somewhere between 100-250 and some as high as 300 PSI, depending on the engine. Sometimes they will run with under 100 PSI, but usually not very well. If you get a low reading, you can do a "wet test" to try to help determine the problem.

      If your reading is too high, then you probably have carbon built up on your piston and combustion chamber.

      NOTE: You may get a low reading on some engines because some engines have a decompressor assembly built into the camshaft. Check the service manual for your quad to see whether or not your quad has a decompressor assembly built into the cam.

      WET TEST

      If you got a low reading, pour about 1-2 teaspoons of clean motor oil down into the cylinder through the spark plug hole and do the compression test again. If your reading increases, then your rings or cylinder walls are probably worn. If your reading doesn't increase, then it's probably your valves. You could have a bent valve, you may have leaky valve seats, or your valve clearance may not be adjusted properly. Also, low compression can be caused by a blown head gasket.


      *Worn piston rings or worn or damaged cylinder walls
      *Leaking valves
      *Valve clearance not properly set
      *Blown head gasket

      CAUSE OF HIGH COMPRESSION (stock engines)

      *Carbon buildup in combustion chamber and on piston

      NOTE: Compression testing is a good way to keep track or "gauge" the wear in your engine. When you first get your ATV or when you rebuild the engine in your ATV, you can do a compression test and then later on, you can do them periodically. This will help you determine the wear in your engine each time you do a compression test and will guide you in knowing when your engine needs rebuilding.

      This is about all I can think of. I hope I didn't leave anything out and I hope this helps everyone with their compression tests.
    • As dumb as this sounds how is this done?
    • Try a compression check. And make sure the choke is opening all the way.
    • They are not the best out their but for the price and your average person not too bad I guess, Its going to send lead to where its pointed. This is probably what is going to happen he is going to buy a package shoot it for awhile then start upgrading everything to how he wants it and it is going to end up costing way more than if he just built one himself how he wants it.  
    • Hello, well I convinced my brother in-law to pick up my buddies old 1980 185 although pretty sure he said it was bored out to a 200? Here is the deal it's been sitting for a solid 8 years. I know it ran fine before. Not the delema-----   It starts right up (he bought a new carb odd amazon) although it sounds like a jet with high rpms. Looked at the throttle cable that's fine. Floats are fine. So he plugged this hole in the air filter and got it to idle down although when he hit the gas wouldn't get any power. Read a few things online and they tell you to just bypass the filter box and all that so back to amazon we went to get one of those filters that mount right up to the carb and it's still the same issue..   I just haven't seen anything like this? Do you guys have any thoughts or tricks that we/he could try?! Thanks in advance
    • Hi Everyone,  I'm looking into buying my first true fish finder and I'm a little perplex with the mapping card situation.  I'm looking at Humminbird Helix 5's and 7's.  I'm drawn to the autochart feature.  From my understanding, you can record 8 hours of charting onto the internal storage, but, is there any native mapping included on the unit or do I absolutely have to get some sort of mapping chip, zerolines or lake master, or navionics?  Can I store data on a blank SD card?  I've been researching this a lot and haven't found any conclusive answers. Thanks everyone!
    • Saul Good, Man.....  LOL 
    •   When do the not so rare Highjack birds show up?  Oh ah. 
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