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Found this Online!!!

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This was posted on another forum and I felt this would also be a good spot for it to get the word out to as many as possible who might be affected by this kind of political attitude.



Rep Mike Jaros from Duluth Mn sent the following letter to one of his constituents in response to a letter about motorized recreation. The question was not even about snowmobiles, but he slams them anyways.

If you are on other sled, ATV, Jeep, boat or motorcycle boards where people from Duluth Mn might see this, please re-post it there.

Here's the letter:

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 19:13:31 -0500

From: "Mike Jaros" <>

To: (I removed to protect email)

Subject: Re: snowmobiles trails 55768

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your message. We are running out of energy, so why waste it on recreational vehicles? If you want to recreate, sit in a boat and power it manually like we used to do it. Also, you can ride in a sled with manually propelled devices and ATVs could be driven with manpower. That is real exercise!

You must see how energy prices are skyrocketing and all prices are rising, because everything we touch, buy or see is dependent on energy. I went to a seminar last January where two world energy experts said that in about 25 years freeways and airports will be historical museums. We will have to go back to horses and buggies, trains and boats, which are most economical transportation.

I was not asked by MRR to introduce my bill, but I guess they are supporting it. I do not care - I do what I think is right. There are some who believe that giving your organizations gas tax money is unconstitutional, I believe it is not, because when the constitution was written there were no paved roads. Good Roads Association believes your programs are getting too much money. I introduced the bill to look into all of these issues and decide next biennium who is right and who is wrong.

Best wishes and take it easy - relax, recreate and enjoy life, because it is too short! Motorized vehicles and snowmobiles make life too fast and too many people are getting killed on those devils!

Best wishes,


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I cannot type the response I would like to give on this HSOforum. All you would see is "poor work usage"

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