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Some Bleeding Hearts and crabapple tree. Tips Please!

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I took these pics the other day. I need some tips on how to get a little sharper pic. i dont know if its how good the glass is or its my settings. The one with the fog i took at 9:32 pm. It was getting a little foggy and it looked cool. I don't know if i was shacking the camera to much or what, if i could change some setting to it get it still. I am using my Canon D30, 28-105mm.

The Shutter speed was 2 seconds, Aperture 4.0, ISO 200, Glass 28-105mm,


The Shutter speed was 1/1000, Aperture 8.0, ISO 200, Glass 28-105mm,


The Shutter speed was 1/45, Aperture 4.5, ISO 200, 105mm


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Hegs, I am assuming the first shot your shutter speed was 2 seconds? You really can't expect to handhold your camera at much under 1/60s without fairly good technique. There is an old saying that you want your shutter speed to be at least equal to the focal length of your lens. So if you are using a 105mm lens like yours at the long end you would want at least 1/125s.

You can increase your shutter speed by changing your ISO. You will need a higher ISO as the light levels drop. So in this case you would want to bring that ISO up to 800 or higher to get your shutter speed up a point that is hand holdable.

The third shot would benefit as well from raising your ISO again to get your shutter speed up.

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