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mercury 150 optimax

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what to know if any one has one of these and how long it took you to get it broke in and the rpms to go all the way up also can you turn down the idle/troll speed soem how ??

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4 hours is the full break-in period. Here's the breakdown, as found in your owners manual:

For the first hour of operation, allow the engine to warm up for 30-60 seconds.

a. Run the engine at varied throttle settings, the majority of the time between 3000 and 4500

RPM or three-quarter throttle.

b. Change engine speed approximately every two minutes, and avoid continuous operation at

idle speed for more than ten minutes. Short bursts of full throttle for periods up to ten seconds

are acceptable.

c. Avoid trimming the outboard out (up) beyond a vertical trim position during operation.

2. For the next three hours of operation, change engine speed every ten minutes.

If you get the smartcraft gauges you can adjust your idle rpm / trolling speed up and down all day long.

If you didn't you'll need to have a dealer make the adjustment as I don't believe there's any external adjustment.


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As marine_man stated 4 hours. It goes pretty quick. We had ours broke in in a 1/2 days time. Our dealer made sure to tell us to break it in "hot" and run it hard the first hour because if something is to happen to your Opti, it will in the first several hours if you run it hard. He said you won't regret it in the long run.

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