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Did They Ever Offer a Toyota Tacoma with These Option?

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I am looking for a Toyota Tacoma with Auto Trans, 4X4 AND the standard cab with any engine (probably the I4). I have not seen any in this configuration and wonder if they ever manufactured them.

I have seen several for sale that are:

1. Standard Cab + 4X4 + Manul Trans (I want Auto Trans)

2. Standard Cab + 2x4 + Auto Trans (I want 4x4)

3. Extended CaB + 4x4 + Auto Trans (I want Standard Cab)

I have checked hsolist and and have not found any. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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thats not to say somebody didnt order one, so there could be one out there even though the books say they dont exist.

I had an 02 Tacoma that was a 5spd, 4x4 with the 2.7L 4banger. It also had the TRD package with locking rear differential(rare for a 2.7 I guess).

I took it to dealer to look at trading in for the 2005+ newer style tacomas. the dealer didnt beleive me that I had a 2.7L with the trd and locker until he saw it in person.

I now have a new style tacoma quad cab with the long bed. Something else that is rare, because most long beds came on standrd or extended cab. Most dbl cabs have the short bed.

So I guess I have scored 2 rare tacomas in a row. Good luck with your search. I also have to add that I search for months before I found each of those trucks. even though people told me they didnt exist, I still ended up finding them.

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    • The older Toyota trucks with the 4 banger and the stick were good for off-road, too, but they were even worse than Jeeps in the rust department...    
    •   They're a little different because they had a boxed frame, which tended to collect mud and hold moisture, so it's tough to find an older one with a solid frame.  The frame usually rotted out ahead of the rear wheels.
    • Mostly body rust. Rocker panels, fenders and the rear corners. Not really any different than any pickup truck.
    • I am out in MN this morning.  Flock gobbling in the valley below me.  Going to start with my bow this time.  Have a few days to hunt.  Oh and Sutty is with me.  Set up across the field with one of his daughters.  Trying to talk him into picking up a youth tag for her.
    • Time to try again.  Not a sound yet. Next day and a half is about turkeys!
    •   They're definitely a nice rig for the backroads, and they hold their value very well if they're kept in decent shape.  The biggest issue with the older Jeeps, including CJs, is they are serious rusters - including frame rust.   Not sure if they ever resolved the rust issues or not with the newer models.  A buddy of mine has a Wrangler Unlimited, and he really likes it.  I think he has a little too much invested in it to use it for an off-road rig, though, so it probably qualifies more in the "fulfilling childhood dreams" category than a true bush buggy....              
    • Was doing some work in the woods today and found these. Of course I stopped and spent two hours looking for more, but this was it. Oh well, will probably be the earliest I've ever gotten to eat them.  
    •   I would definitely get the one with the Pheasant plowing attachment! Beats walking the fields!
    • Never getting rid of my Suburban. Just looking for a new toy for hunting etc. that I can drive down narrow dirt roads up north. Another reason why I would rather buy a slightly used one so I can use it without worrying about putting a few scratches on it. Those side by sides look like fun but you have to haul them around and cant drive them everywhere. And they just aren't built to take what a Jeep can. Always kind of liked the looks of Jeeps and being able to remove the top in the summer is nice to. Would definitely want a hard top to as the soft tops aren't to good for MN winters. I'm sure the newer ones have better heaters than the older ones as I remember back in the day guys were dressed like they were snowmobiling while driving their Jeep. And scraping frost off of the window to see.
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