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Catskill Road Trip Picts...

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We'll we both had the day off and wanted to do something and get out of Dodge. Originally I had planned on going on a decent hike to a spot down the Del to the top of this one mountain(been there with 4-wheeler). This place has the neatest view of the river I ever saw. Well hikeing in the rain sounded like a bad idea. I would have fished but definatly not her cup of tea, she likes fishing but not in the rain. So we decided to head down 17 to the birthplace of american fly fishing - the Beaverkill and Willowemoc rivers. I have spent my fair share of time in the upper Delaware but never over that way. We got off in Roscoe and went to a local fly shop to snoop around and get directions to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum. Bougnt a few small things at the shop and a t-shirt for my neice - a very nice shop and folks there.

On up the road a few miles to the Musuem. They had a really nice giftshop there full of cool knicknacks, books, clothing, and stuff. The museum was very neat. Full of displays on fishing, flies, rods, and all kinds of info on people who sculpted the history of fly fishing - Theodore Gordon, The Detts, Darbys, Art Flick, and many many more. These names might not catch anyones attention here but these folks were the forefathers and originators who changed and developed fly fishing in america. Lots of neat stuff and reading there, even Beth liked it...


Heres some picts of Beth and I inside near a very cool bronze statue of a guy catching a large trout...



The place was filled with old photos and some awesome artwork...


This picture dosen't even show 1/4th of the place...


From there we headed up the Willowemoc checking out the various access spots...


Came across this neat very old covered bridge. Yes it was raining hard...


Headed back down and up along the Beaverkill...


We were hungry so back down to Roscoe to a place the guys in the flyshop recomended - and after hearing and seeing the name of the place, no doubt we had to eat there...


The place was quite nice and newely remodled. Food was great - "bar food".

From there we headed over to where the Willo and Beaverkill come together to form the "junction pool"...


Heres a pict of the hole. On the left is the Beaverkill and comming in under the bridge is the Willowemoc. The form a big deep hole with some wild currents comming through it...


And kids heres your fishing tip of the day. Dont wear a yellow or orange raincoat and expect to sneak up on any trout...


Left the rain down there and by the time we got home it had ended and the sun tried but failed to come out...


A very neat trip for the cost of lunch and a half tank of gas in a small car. I cant wait to get back and fish those historic waters...

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Nice way to spend a day even if you didn't get to fish due to weather. An old friend who passed away a few years ago is honored there. Some day I'll have to go take a look and see if I can find his name or whatever they did for him. I'd never have known if I hadn't seen it in a magazine. Not a bragger. Allan Fannin was his name. Thanks for the photos!!

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Excellent set of pictures and narrative. I've been by those places myself at least one time a few years back.

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