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Warranty info?

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Looking for some advice here,
I have a Crestliner Superhawk that's just over a year old. I have a list of about 9 things that are wrong with it. Windshield keeps coming loose, broken seat flange(s), electrical probs, radio doesn't work, as well as about 5 other totally annoying little things that I have to fix and re-fix almost every time I use it. It is under warranty but what comes of that? Will the dealer fix all this dump at no cost? Will Crestliner take it back as long as I upgrade to a new one? Any information about how to handle this situation would be enormously appreciated! Thanks.

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Slotfish - this is where the dealer-&-customer relationship meets the “road” so-to-speak. Depending on when these annoying things were reconigized as a problem and when you contacted the dealer to seek resolve are key issues here ...

I would always start with purchase source [the dealer] and if after a couple of visits [no more than two] if not resolved I’d contact customer service of manufacture. Often warranty coverage only covers major items and “poor” workmanship/materials but this covers a lot of territory. The dealer should have detected minor “irregularities” during pre-delivery rigging and shakedown ride. Although I have no clue as to how this is handled in your area ... but in my (younger days) as a boat rigger we put the customer pkg together, shop tested, water tested, and delivered. Expect most dealers still do this. Depending on the time boat has been in service and type of use some minor “rattles” may appear but not too the extent you’ve addressed here. Although you mention boat is year-old - I take this to mean it's in its 2nd season and the ol'wear and tear question might come into play here - but dealer will decide that so be prepared for that issue a "bone" on contention

My suggestion - (1) contact dealer (2) contact mfg (3) contact law firm of Dewey-Cheatem and Howe [only kidding on this one] :^)

Good Luck - BB-LDF

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2000 and up Crestliners carry a 3 year Bow to Stearn warranty and a 20 year Hull warranty. The 2003 models carry a lifetime hull warranty.

You should have zero problems taking it back to the dealer/service center you bought it from and having those items replaced or repaired. The cost will be $0 and 0 cents.


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Slotfish__Me and you are in the same boat!! I purchased my 1700 superhawk last fall and found many problems!

1--Dash was peeling! Crestliner did'nt want to replace because of cost, so they had my dealer paint it! He did do a good job! But I know paint does not stick to plastic, so time will tell!

2--Windshield is always coming loose!! I am going to pull all the screws out and lock tight them, and this shall help! But this is common in all boat manufacters!

3-- I have a very good leak somewere, I think it is leaking in my front livewell, from the livewell to the overflow exit port!! Dealer insists its not leaking but I know it is and its alot of water!

4-- Crestliner did a terrible job painting the boat itself! They failed to do afinal wipe down on the boat before painting! So there is alot of bumps dirt and dust what not! When I wash it I always end up with white spots coming through the red paint!

5-- I have noticed that my bow floor is extremely week!! Kinda spongy like!!

I am waiting untilthis fall and then I will take the boat to the factory and have all items fixed! Also I do know people who have had work done at the factory and they will satisfy you!!
As far as the dealer goes yes they should be helpfull, but sometimes their not to good at some repair work, and from what my dealer tells me they dont get paid jack for warranty work!!
I would reccomend taking it back to the factory!!
Otherwise I love my boat (ride/performance/features!
Let me know how you come out!

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Thanks for all the replies!

Funny. sounds like we have very similar problems. Do the screws on the side panels continually come loose? I have heard that silicone on the threads can fix this but it's not what I expected from a 15k boat.
I also have the same issue with the bow deck.
After being jockeyed around by the dealer I called Crestliner's customer service department yesterday. He assured me that he would find a dealer near Rainy lake (where my boat stays) that would fix everything to be like new. If that's the case, my complaints are over because like you said, I really do like the boat. It's just frustrating to hear from the I'Falls dealers that they won't do warranty work even though they deal Crestliner boats. The rep from Crestliner said that is common with some dealers and that he could (in a sense) make them do it, but then they'll just do a half-one-just-like-silly-me job. So I would be better off taking it to Crane Lake. My complaint to him about the electrical/lighting issue was- it seems unfair that during prime walleye time in the evening, me and my Crestliner have to leave the reef because my lights don't work when everyone with Lund, Aluma, and Warrior boats stay until dark. He laughed.

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