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Glacier3 VS Otter

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What does anyone know about how the glacier 3 compares to the Ptter med sled and 2 man ice house? Are they comparable as far as the sled base goes? How much gear can the glacier hold?
My main concern is carrying capacity and ease of pulling. Can any one offer any direct comparisons? Here in Montana there aren't a lot of places that sell a variety of ice fisinh stuff, its mostly the same stuff at all the diff. places.

Mike in Kalispell

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The Otter has a much deeper sled and weighs much more. It pulls fine but not nearly as easy as the lightweight 3 man Glacier.

Obviously you can stack more gear in the Otter which also weighs it down more.

You can gear all the gear you need in the Glacier.

You'll spend more on an otter, I'm guessing about $450 versus $250 for the Glacier 3 man. If you do not have to pull the sled by hand I would go with an Otter.

If you want to stay lightweight and you pull the portable shelter by hand during the ice season, then I would go with a Glacier 3.

The Glacier sets up a little quicker too.

I own an Otter and I do like them. I also like the Glacier for it's ease of use, especially for those times I can't haul the Otter in my truck on the ice or behind an ATV or Snowmobile.

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Rick hit the nail on the head. If you are fishing early ice, late ice, or just can't drive out and don't have a ride, the Glacier is the perfect house. 28 lbs and pulls really easy. If you can drive out, or have a ATV or snowmobile to pull it out, then go with the otter. You can't go wrong with either it just depends on your fishing style and location.

I have both and love them. Often I will bring both and let conditions dictate which one to use.

You can get the Glacier3 here


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Thanks guys,

I do have a 4 wheeler so pulling either is just a matter of if I am comfortable on the ice with the 4 wheeler. The ice here in NW Montana has been real iffy for the last couple of years but we finally have some good ice this year. The otter system seems like it would be more versatile. Using the sled without the ice house for other ventures also seems like a plus.
If you can get a couple of buckets, the auger and some other gear in the glacier then it sounds like it could carry enough......

Probobly wont get either until next season and who knows what will come out tween now and then.
I did get me a strikemaster 2000 auger tonight, cant wait to use it tommorrow (Sat)
trying to hand drill thru 16" of ice with a bum shoulder got to be too much! So the ice house budget is shot for this year. Oh well, still got my homemade job to get me thru.

Thanks again for the info

Kalispell, MT

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