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Keeping Jiffy running?

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I have a four year old Jiffy Legend 3 HP. It usally starts OK after a couple of pulls but I need to keep it on full choke to drill the first hole and then if I switch to half choke it might die. If the motor doesnt die and start to drill the second hold, it sounds good until it revs up and then just dies. I suspect that it is not getting enough gas and I have been slowly tweaking the set screw. I have been turning the one on the left that is a redish color. Am I going about this right? Any tips on how to correct this problem?

PS: It usally will start again if I put it back on full choke and prime it again.

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Yes it sounds like your starving for gas.
I don't think it's a venting problem.
Check the fuel line for cracks or loose connections.
You should have 3 adjustments. idle speed, Low speed and High speed. Turning the L H out or counter clock wise is what you want.
I'm not familiar with the caps on that auger but the malefactor will put them on to prevent you from adjusting the carb. Some you have to remove and some you have to push in and turn. You may have a dirty carb so any adjustments you make won't help at all. Theres been quite a bit posted on that topic already. Good Luck.

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