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Transom Repair

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I have a 16 foot mirrocraft w/ a 25Hp longshaft and the transom is bending in from too much motor torque while on the water and from bouncing on the trailer over the years.The wood at the top of the transom isn't really rotten it's just the aluminum itself bending in about the middle which is just below where the base of where the motor mounts to it. I'm wondering what the best way to beef it up would be and am thinking of finding an 1/8 inch aluminum plate (if so how big?) or have seen wood used along the whole back of the transom on the outside-any ideas? appreciate any info-tightlines!

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I don't know your boat model, but you might want to consider to replace wood on transom.
I did it on a 14ft Mirrocraft and it took me few hours, using what was left from transom to use as template.
You will have to remove all the rivets or screws holding aluminum against wood. Then use stainless steel screws to replace old ones.
This way you'll have a very strong and durable transomn which will last many more years. A plate is just a patch, your problem will still be there and I wouldn't trust it to put a motor on it again.

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