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...and still more motor problems

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I bought a '94 sea nymph with a 70hp evinrude w/vro in May. It ran perfect for the one tank of gas I ran through it. I finally got a few days off to go to vermilion. Yeah you guesssed it, first trip out, got about a mile away and stall. Limped it back to mechanic and he said "no prob, just powerpack" picked it up, put it back in the water, and it wouldn't idle. Gave up, and came home early. Brought it to local mech here and he says #2 is badly scorched, needs complete rebuild. I didn't have any alarm go off for vro. How could this just happen out of nowhere. Do I just chalk it up to bad luck? Contact seller? (Private party) Second opinion? Any thoughts on rebuilt engines would be appreciated.

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Hi Darren,

I feel your pain buddy. I had a 1995 60hp Johnson do the same thing to me. Way up in Canada no less. EXACT same symptoms. The only difference is that I lost 2 of the 3 cylinders and the crank. No alarms, no bells, no whistles. The only info I ever found out about this "problem" is that my OMC mechanic has seen this happen "more than once" and "hates" the whole vro deal. He has no idea why, "it just does". But he knows it does have something to do with the 93 thru 95 model years.

What to do...... That's a good one. Yes it was very bad luck. Contact seller.....It's hard to say what they could do for you. Is there a "lemon law" for boats? Second opinion..... Couldn't hurt as long as you don't get charged for it. Rebuilt engines..... That's your call. But remember it will still be that same VR OH-OH motor that puked on you before. Will you be able to trust it?

I fixed mine the easy way. I bought a Yamaha.

Good luck on your quest and again I'm sorry to here of your troubles.


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