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O.K., we've been through this before, but time to do it again, need more inputs and some memory refreshers, heh.

I have an old humming bird unit that I think I am just going to retire, time for another new toy anyway.

I do most of my fishing from the front of my boat and am putting a bow mount troller on soon, so I will kost likley use this style transducer for whatever unit I purchase.

I bought a Marcum last winter and fell inlove with the flasher type technology, but as far as I know Marcum only has one style transducer, and no bottem lock which may or may not be a problem, but without the right transducer, I guess I'm SOL anyway.

I have read a few reports here and there about the zercom LPG, Garmins, Vexilar Edge, and CLC-200 look good too, (Edge ofcourse is pretty spendy)

I'm no expert at reading a flasher, I certainly can tell when theres fish, but I have a hard enough time telling if theres weeds or what kind of bottem I'm fishing when I'm ice fishing, so I can see this being a real problem using this when in open water without a sonar, but ofcourse I like the real time activity.
I'm pretty much at a loss as what to get, so any input would be much appreciated.

I also thought of getting a decent sonar model, and perhaps grabbing a used Fl-18 if I find one, run the fl-18 transducer off the trolling moter and the other of the transom.

Is it really necessary to have both? or is there a good non flasher type out there that will give me as good of results as a flasher unit but easier to distinguish what your fishing over?

tha nks alot

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FL-18, enough said. When you are precision fishing on sharp drops and structure nothin is easier to read or more accurate. If possible put both on your boat. The graph is great for high speed searching for structure and is priceless for trolling where a flasher will do you no good. I have the fl-18 mounted on my bow mount trolling motor and an x-85 on the transom. This is a deadly combination and I reference both at the same time. If you could only go with one I would stick with a regular graph because. Use a flasher for slow precise presentations.

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x-85, is that a lowrance?
I guess I should add that I jig most of the time for any fishing I do.

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Dano2, When I ordered the transducer for my LX-3 I had an option of ordering a Transon Mount (high speed) or a trolling motor mount. If you already have the unit, check into transducers offered by MarCum, that is by far the cheapest way to go!

If you have a graph on your boat already and it does a good job for you, then I would look into mounting it on the trolling motor. If your graph doesn't do a good job, I would consider dash mounting it with the high speed transducer. You won't need the bottom lock, I had two fl-18's on my boat for two years and I never used it.

The important thing is that it is mounted in a way that you will utilize it most often. It is a great unit.

Mille Lacs Guide Service

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