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I have to make up some jerky soon before this years deer comes back from the butcher. The wife's not going for another freezer! :(

The sticks look great. :)

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Sure, I used about 21 lbs of venny, 4 lbs of pork shoulder 2.5lbs of extra sharp cheddar (I like high temp cheese but don’t like the price) and PS seasoning. I think PS seasoning is as good as it gets and it comes with everything so it’s real easy. I used collegen 21mm casing. I dried them out at 120 degrees for an hour or so then 4-5 hrs at 160 with heavy smoke or until internal temps hit 140-145. Let them cool and vacume seal them the next day. This is my go to recipe that is hard to screw up. My kids chew these sticks up!

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1 hour ago, rl_sd said:

Awesome! Do you cube the cheddar? In the pics it almost looks like it is injected directly in the middle!

Yes, I invented a patent pending suffer tube that does that....


Kidding of course, that was totally luck which was the reason I took that pic:)  The cheese is basically just chunked up, I chop them with a chefs cleaver until they are the size of a eraser head on a pencil any bigger I have issues with it clogging my stuffer. It fairly easy with a dry crumbly extra sharp cheddar any thing else is just to sticky and doesn't stay together during the process.

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So you don’t grind the cheese in with the meat then? Sorry for all the questions, but I have tried this a few times and never seem to get it right

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Nope,  I grind the pork and venny only once then mix in the seasoning and hand mix it all together.  I then let it sit for at least 24hrs, I add the copped up cheese and mix it again by hand right before I stuff it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Last Thursday on a visit to my sister in Rock Rapids IA, we made a circuit through the Island Park there.  At the low dam just past the former railroad bridge which is now a walking path we saw a group of grackles fishing at the edge of the white water where it ran against the rocks at the shore line.  There probably were a dozen or so all told moving back and forth and some on the rocks at the other shore line.  In something like half an hour or less we saw various of the birds bring out minnows and eat them on the shore to a total of at least 8.  They also contested for the better fishing spots and tried to horn in on other birds' catches;   they would fly out to quite a bit up on shore with a catch to eat it there. I never expected to see grackles fishing.  I never heard of that before, but then it wouldn't be the first time I didn't know about something relatively common.
    • I've seen deer there, too.  I go by there on my way to work about 3:30 am S S & M.
    • Now they're gobbling...  seem to be getting a little closer.
    • Very quiet so far.  Maybe one distant gobble on the roost but couldn't tell for sure. At least the mosquitos seem to have calmed down in the last 10 minutes some. 
    • Brotha’ you got that right.   Actually I’m cooking hobos over the campfire in Ely right now.  Not a bad second fiddle.   I won’t be a cooking hobo in a blind this weekend. 
    • Hey, it happens.  Think I'm tilling the garden tonight and will chase turkeys in the morning.
    • I did 5/16" cedar and installed tight. Is there any finish on the cedar?
    • I gave it my last shot of the year this morning and I juked and the turkeys jived.  They have been rolling through the same spot for the last couple mornings and unfortunately went a different direction this morning.     That's it for me! Unfortunately I have obligations until the season is done now. Morgan, Logan, and I all finished with unpunched tags. Darn pea-brained birds won this time.
      Bluegill - Fair: As water continues to warm, look for bluegill nest colonies along the west and east shorelines; the highest concentration are likely in the southern end of the lake. Use a small tube jig tipped with a piece of crawler. Black Hawk Lake
      Water temperatures are around 70 degrees. Water clarity is 5-6 feet. Bluegill - Fair: Fish for bluegill just about anywhere along the shoreline. The fish average 7-8 inches. Use a small hair or tube jig with a small piece of crawler fished under a bobber off the floating fishing pier, the west stone pier, and the inlet bridge. Look for bluegills to start moving closer to shore, sitting on nests; you can easily target the males. Walleye - Fair: Anglers are picking up walleye from shore and by boat. Town Bay, the shoreline along Ice House Point, and near the inlet bridge are producing fish. Use leeches fished under a bobber and twisters on the downwind shoreline where walleye are feeding. Black Crappie - Slow: Anglers are still picking up fish from Ice House Point, the floating dock, the stone piers, and the inlet bridge. Catch fish up to 11 inches with crawlers and leeches fished under a bobber. Largemouth Bass - Good: Catch largemouth all over the lake using the traditional bass lures. Many anglers have found good bass action at the Ice House Point, the east shoreline,and the lake side of the inlet bridge.  Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)
      Water clarity is 3-4 feet. Storm Lake has a daily limit of 3 walleye and all 17- to 22-inch walleye must be released; no more than one walleye longer than 22 inches may be taken per day. Walleye - Fair: Much of the walleye action has shifted to the boat anglers. Boat anglers are doing well trolling shad raps or ripple shads or drifting crawler harnesses on the edges of the dredge cuts around the lake in about 8 feet of water. Black Crappie - Fair: Anglers are picking up suspended crappie out mid-lake in the dredge cuts while fishing for walleye. White Bass - Fair: Use crankbaits; most action has been from boat while fishing dredge cuts.  Swan Lake
      Water temperature is around 70 degrees. Water clarity is 3 feet. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small jig tipped with crawler along the dam and off the jetties. Most of the fish are 6-7 inches. Look for fish to move closer to shore and the males sitting on nests. Yellow Smoke Park Lake
      Bluegill - Fair: Find bluegill spawning in the arm north of the swim beach and in the coves along the south shore. Yellow Smoke is known for its big bluegill consistently reaching 9 inches or more.  Water temperatures in Black Hawk District lakes are around 70 degrees. Bluegill are starting to move close to shore in many lakes and ponds. For more information, contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638. Clear Lake
      Surface water temperature is 67 degrees. Black Crappie - Good: Crappies are biting. Use a small jig or a minnow in the rush beds and areas with vegetation. Walleye - Good: Try a slip bobber and leeches fished in the rocky reefs. Yellow Bass - Fair: Yellows bass are on the rocky areas to spawn. Use a small jig in the early morning. Channel Catfish - Fair: With recent rains, any spot where water is entering the lake is worth trying for catfish. Fish a dead chub or crawlers on the bottom. The best bite is late evening.  Crystal Lake
      Channel Catfish - Fair: Use nightcrawlers fished from shore. Walleye – Slow. Black Bullhead - Fair: Try nightcrawlers fished from shore. Bluegill – Slow: Bluegill are biting. Use a small piece of crawler and a bobber in 2 to 3 feet of water.  Lake Smith
      Largemouth Bass - Good: Largemouth bass are biting on a variety of baits. Bluegill – Fair. Rice Lake
      Largemouth Bass - Fair: Bass are biting on plastic baits. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small piece of crawler and a bobber in the edge of the vegetation.  Silver Lake (Worth)
      Largemouth Bass - Good: Largemouth bass are biting on plastic baits. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small piece of crawler and a bobber in 2 to 3 feet of water.  For information on the lakes and rivers in the north central area, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.  Center Lake
      Black Crappie - Fair: Cast mini jigs in shallow water wood habitat.  East Okoboji Lake
      Channel Catfish - Good: Use traditional baits in the evening. Black Crappie - Fair: Anglers report a panfish bite of bluegill and crappie from docks; sorting is needed. Walleye - Good: Report of anglers catching fish from the south end; best bite during the evening hours.  Five Island Lake
      Channel Catfish - Good: Use traditional baits during evening hours. Walleye - Fair: Action is picking up with numbers of angler acceptable size and larger being caught.  Lost Island Lake
      Walleye - Good: Walleye are being caught close to shore. Try fishing from a dock or wader fishing after dark. Black Crappie - Good: Reports of crappie and yellow perch being caught. Yellow Bass - Fair: Report of yellow bass being caught. Use small lures such as a twister tail or hair jigs.  Silver Lake (Palo Alto)
      Walleye - Fair: Report of large fish being caught during the late evening hours. Cast a white twister for the best action. Black Bullhead - Good: Good action reported of angler acceptable sized fish. Yellow Perch - Fair: Some activity reported.  Spirit Lake
      Marble Beach campground, including the boat ramp, is closed for the season for renovation. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Use a jig tipped with a minnow in shallow rock structures. Action is best during sunny, calm days. Black Crappie - Good: Fish the bulrush on the lake for spawning crappie. Cast a mini-jig and swim the bait slowly back to the boat to find active fish. Walleye - Good: Best action is during the night off the docks. Fish leeches under a bobber or cast a twister tail. Black Bullhead - Good: The bite has slowed at the north grade; persistence will be rewarded with good numbers of fish caught. Fish traditional baits on the bottom. Trumbull Lake
      Northern Pike - Fair: Use casting spoons below the spillway.  West Okoboji Lake
      Bluegill - Good: Wooden docks in deeper water and new aquatic growth will produce good numbers of angler acceptable sized fish.  For more information throughout the week, contact the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery at 712-336-1840.