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Using a boat's graph in winter on an atv or sled?

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Hey Guys,

I'm thinking of getting a new graph for the boat, and finally replace my Eagle Accura 240 from many, many years ago.   I'm hoping to get a lot more boat time in the next year or two I haven't been able to get in the last 10-15 years. Needless to say it's going to be a great jump into today's technology.

As much as I look forward to it in the boat, I also want to use it's lake mapping and GPS coordinate functions during the winter.  I won't need it for the sonar function on the lake, as I already have a Marcum for that.  My question is how do these screens work in real cold weather?  Can the mapping keep up at slow speeds?  As you approach a saved way point?  I know the Marcum supposedly has a screen heater built in to help the digital returns show on the screen at real time.  Assuming these boat sonars don't have that I at an accuracy disadvantage that I need to be aware of?  For what it's worth...I'm thinking of going for a home run and getting the new Humminbird Helix 10" Mega SI G2...........


Thanks for any on the ice experiences any of you already have.




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Been using my lowrance on the ice for 3 seasons. I do not leave it out exposed in the cold if I'm not using it and have not had an issue. If you have touch screen it can be a pain in the winter with screen grounding issues and having to pull off your gloves...  that said I love my lowrance I think I also prefer it over my Marcum LX9. Yes mapping will work fine at least from my experience especially when moving slow its when your zipping across the lake at 40+ that some units will have issues keeping up with mapping. Also something to keep in mind is if you ever decide you want a bow mount trolling motor that can follow contours or control via your graph you have two choices. Minnkota uses Humminbird and Lowrance uses Motor Guide. Just another thing to think about in your decision. Honestly I don't think you could really make a bad decision in sonar right now. All have features that are very close to one another and in 2 years your unit will be outdated and selling for a 10th of what you paid for it.

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