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Max Step Height Into a Skid or Wheelhouse ?

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Hey Guys..........

I've decided after a few years of testing that the low ride height of my Soderbloom Aluma-Lite 8' x 10' (with a 2' V) skid house is getting me stuck to often.  I've already done a fair amount of re-engineering some things to overcome the problem, but in then end my only option left is to raise it up to an acceptable level.  A couple details to know are that I do have the older ski style (not the newer box tube skis), and I pull it with a 600cc atv with tracks.  What does everyone feel is an acceptable maximum step height to raise it to?  What heights are already on all of your houses?  The current height of the floor is about 6 3/4" above the ski bottoms.  


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I have a 6x12 aluma lite with the v front I have the older style skis. I have the center ski which seems to help. This winter was the first time I had any issues moving it. Before the melt we had  2 feet plus of powder snow that's the only time I had issues moving it. I move mine with a Polaris widetrack.  My question is  are you having issues moving it no matter the snow conditions?  I had the same thought building different skis when we had really deep powder this winter. What I did was build a little trail groomer .


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I can move it fine when snow depths are minimal.   I think the smaller size houses will get up on top OK, no matter the snow depth.  It's just when you get into the 7-8' wide models that you lose that capability.  I kind of knew this going in.  I've already placed a 12" tall aluminum V shaped deflector at the front to help funnel some snow underneath, and also sheeted the underside with 1/8" HDPE.  What I have figured out is decide where I want to head on the lake, and head out with my ATV tracks and go back and forth a few times and essentially create a path that then seems to allow it to move good.  Kind of like what you're doing with the little groomer idea, but I'm using the size of the 4 tracks to do it.  I figured my last step (before deciding to get a little smaller unit) would be raise it somewhat, in a way that won't be adding any meaningful weight.  We all know these houses seem to gain weight pretty quick as we tinker with them.   It's kind of become rule #1, keep the weight down at all cost.

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I built this little trail groomer for 56 dollars. I only used it when we had really deep snow. Before I pull my house out I always go empty no fishouse to check breakers or slush. Now I have the option of pulling my groomer first and making a trail. I looked at a older alumalite that had taller skis I didn't like fishing that far off the ice. So far this has worked for me.




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    • I believe some units come with maps of some lakes but probably wont have any real detail as far as contour lines.  I think most will have a map of the US but when you zoom in you wont get much for detail on lakes and If they do contours will probably be 5-7ft apart.  If you want to put data on a card you will need a zero line card for mapping. About $150 i think.  8 hours should give you quite a bit of mapping.  Best would be to buy from a retailer so someone with knowledge of the product can show you how to run it.  You might be able to take some snap shots of sonar and put on a blank card but don't think you can map with it. I would get a Lakemaster card for the area(s) you want to fish.  Worth every penny.
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