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    • Trump already signalling willingness to work with Democrats in order to bypass House conservatives....   So now we have a supposedly extreme right-leaning Republican president cozying up to Democrats?   What would Uncle Ben think?....            
    • In order to determine which direction to go with healthcare, one fundamental question must be answered.  If an American walks in to a hospital with a sick child or with some sickness themselves and has a treatable medical condition, should a provider have a right to refuse service to that person or their child based on ability to pay?  We cannot have a true free market system unless we are truly callous enough to turn poor people away at the door.  I'm not there.
    • Ice is good in some areas of main lake but bad in areas with moving water / springs. All resort / outfitter access's are closed to vehicles but some are open to four-wheelers. side by sides, and snowmobiles including Morris Point, Long Point, Dales's and Arnesen's, which still has fish houses available as well.  As always, use a resort or outfitter road for safety as they are monitored daily.  Walleye bite has been good with many keepers among smaller fish. Fish are aggressive and having a flasher is helpful.  Jigging spoon tipped with minnow head or tail and a dead stick with a plain hook or small ice jig and minnow are doing good.  Key depth  17-33 ft.  Best colors glow pink/red and gold. Tip up fishing for pike on fire.  Many flags of northern pike in back bays and reefs.
      Rainy River spring fishing is ON!  The Rainy River is open all the way to Wheeler's Point. Birchdale, Frontier, Vidas, and Timbermill landings are open to all boats. Wheeler's Point will be open in a day or so.  Walleye fishing has been excellent. Many eater walleyes so far with a few monsters. Right now a 1/2 - 3/4 ounce jig is enough to get to the bottom while tipped with 1 or 2 frozen shiners. Pink, orange and gold are hot colors. Many sturgeon being boated as well.     Up at the NW Angle, ice conditions are unstable as current areas are opening up quickly.  Travel with caution. Many resorts using airboats at this point.  Fish houses on LOW can stay on ice through March, walleyes/saugers through April 14th.  Pike and crappies open all year for LOW MN.  
    • I loved BBs post game the other nite after the canucks game,  he nailed it.  Guys got to step it up and play, outside of granny and staal, the rest look like they just started playing.  Lack luster for sure.  Im still hoping they come out and play like I know they are capable of but not looking good
    • This is what I have so far and I think I'll be changing A. Hackney B. KVD C. Ehrler D. Howell E. Lucas   I don't feel confidence about any of them except KVD haha Well I already made a switched and put Dafoe in bucket A for Hackney.
    •   I asked the same thing about a Month ago...must be a contract/money issue...we don't spend money foolishly 
    • Live Target for me. Tried a Lunkerhunt and it kept sinking and holding water.
    • Oh, the hat?  Correct, I was using clone stamp to build the hat.  Of all the problems with my photoshopped images, your issue is with the hat?  I thought the crude cutting and pasting was bad enough that nobody would notice the hat.      Still, you're a massive tool and I have accepted your challenge to do it better.    
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