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Jeremy airjer W

Week 34 Winner

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Juneau4 gets a huge late season win this week. His tteam finished 1st,3rd,4th, and 11th place along with 10 qualifying points from dillion for a total of 370 points. This is juneau4's fourth weekly win, his highest score of the year, and a pretty impressive late season points total. Congrats on the great week!


juneau4  370

mnwildman  338

Huckfin  317

BlackLundPro  316

Rip_Some_Lip  291

SwivelDigger  290

fishing star  278

Fishin-Novice  255

jwhjr  252

cat-man  248

musky999  230

88fan  230

Jar Jar  226

Airjer  226

yaggie  224

gregg52  197

Moose  3


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Total Points - Fishing_novice has a 149 point lead over second place. Will it be enough with 2 races left?


1 - Fishin-Novice - 9,608

2 - musky999 - 9,459

3 - jwhjr - 9,308

4 - Rip_Some_Lip - 9,303

5 - gregg52 - 9,300

6 - mnwildman - 9,281

7 - BlackLundPro - 9,158

8 - Huckfin - 9,146

9 - 88fan - 9,143

10 - yaggie - 8,991

11 - juneau4 - 8,987

12 - fishing star - 8,985

13 - SwivelDigger - 8,976

14 - cat-man - 8,847

15 - Jar Jar - 8,781

16 - Airjer - 8,663

17 - Moose - 6,876


Points Behind Leader












fishing star-623



Jar Jar-827



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    • I would say your results speak for themselves, we often do things that don't make sense or trade short term gain for long term trouble. Nature does things for a reason that we often don't understand, why try to fix what isn't broken?
    • Two charter boats. (11 people) Fishing was very slow last Sunday afternoon (8), but we did really well on Monday morning (43). Due to bad luck drawing cards, neither Mrs Duff or I touched a rod on Sunday. She went 5 for 5 on Monday. That's fishing for ya though. And true fishermen understand that.   Some real nice fish this year, good luck to those that make it out there.      
    • And no, it does not have some sort of virus. They are calling it a phishing site and it is not. It competes with Google adsense so it make sense for Google to be sloppy in their algorithm.
    • Great storytelling with pictures on a portion of your life experiences in the  great outdoors.  Thanks for sharing Len.  
    • Len - This was a very nice article.  I enjoyed your writing style.  Take care.
    • I am going to pick up a box to pattern against what I am shooting now. Here is my question. They are available in both 1 3/4 oz. shot and 1 7/8 oz. shot in 12 gauge. In a 3" 12 gauge #5 shot shell, that comes out to a 21 pellet difference. The velocity for 1 3/4 is 1200 fps, for 1 7/8 is 1080. At 20 yards it would make very little difference, but say at 45 yards would you rather have the extra 21 pellets or the added velocity? I suppose the answer is to buy both and pattern them, but I am curious as to the thoughts of the folks on this board. Thanks
    • I was looking to get an otter XT pro cabin this winter, I was wondering of anyone on here has an otter in the pro platform and how they like the extra insulated walls. Does it seem bulky? Too warm on above 0 days? I wouldn't mind just the normal cabin but they only offer it with a bench it seems but having the extra insulation may be nice to have for those cold days here and there. 
    • Thank You for the very interesting and enjoyable morning read
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