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Hunting area experienced flash flood....

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As the title says, my area experienced a flash flood with our recent downpour about 2 weeks ago. The area I hunt is in a river bottom area that is pretty large and flat in the lower parts of bluff country in SE MN. Went down there this weekend and saw mats of grass wrapped around the tree trunks about waist high. Any standing vegetation was mostly covered in mud and leaning in one direction indicating rushing water covered the area recently. A lot of standing water still on the trails and the sloughs in there are filled up to the brim. Overall, I saw A LOT less sign than what I am used to in this area so I think the flood may have caused the deer to leave the area to higher ground.

My question to the forum is.. How long do you think it'll take for the deer to return to the area?

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Just a guess, but not that long. If you have food and cover and it dries up a bit, the deer will return. Still a month out to gun season... being next to a river the deer are more than likely used to water level fluctuations...

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I live in SW WI. Same deal here, was terrible flooding. I wouldn't worry about it much. One thing about this area is that it will flood badly, but has the topography that drains pretty quickly and gets back to business as usual.

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Not long, a little hunting pressure in the surrounding area should push them back in fairly soon.

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