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Hdp or hdpe and suppliers

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I am building a 8x12 skid house actually just ordered all of the aluminum today and for sure want the three 6" runners running on hdp or hdpe. Question is where the heck do you buy it from and typically how thick are you going with it.

The house will stay at my cottage in northern wisc so traveling over parking lots or over roads is not an issue. 


Thanks much

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Cope Plastics, Seelye plastics are both in Twin Cities and can ship up to 8' long they look just as close as anyone to you.  1/2" thick should be fine.

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The Menards I've been in have 4'x8' sheets of black 1/4" HDPE on the rack already, and you can pretty quickly order in other thicknesses and another color (white I think).  Easy for you to check out locally as I know you have a Menards in Rhinelander.

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I wanted to basically find a 24" x 12 foot roll of the stuff or something close to minimize the joints on the skis, I would roll it up and basically just cut it into 3rds and either rivit or bolt it on to the 6" aluminum plate on each of the 3 skis.  I know it's got to be out there, because the mfg's are not charging that much for the stuff as an add on if you buy a house from them, i think it's an extra 300 or so which I would gladly pay.  I will keep checking, thanks for the input. 

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