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Automotive Odds & Ends (August)

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A couple of odds and ends from the August file of auto repair.


I had thought all of these had been replaced by now but apparently there is still one trailblazer with the factory harness for the low beam headlight. This used to be a pretty common repair 5 years ago.....



Evap leaks aren't always a mechanical or electrical failure. Sometimes Minnesota just has to have its part. This Rav4 had a small evap leak code and was really clean on the outside. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the underside. I found tthese leaks with a smoke machine but sprayed with leak detector for a nice Lawrence Welk affect.... The new filler neck will be installed tomorrow morning.



The GM 3.8 liter is well known for the coolant elbows going bad. This one had a whole in it rather than just cracked.



Rodents are at it again. This was a jeep something or another. The customers "Dad" scanned it and just assumed it was a bad O2 sensor and brought the part to be replaced. A quick visual inspection revealed a much worse problem. Fortunately for this customer I have become quite good at rebuilding connectors and I managed to save the harness which would have been BIG $$$



I don't get to excited at the things I find in tires any more but this has to be in the top ten of holy cows. I should have taken the pic with a tape measure for full affect.



Lastly, a long over due purchase. I have been getting by with torque to yield torque application for some time with an analog torque angle gauge. I finally pulled the trigger on a digital torque wrench that measures angles along with all the other settings in metric and standard. It also will store 9 presets which makes it really nice for doing heads. Set your presets, run through the bolts, hit the next preset, run through the bolts, etc. Huge time saver!


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