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Jeremy airjer W

Week 24 Winner

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It looks like BlackLundPro is on a roll scoring a weekly win every other week as of late. This week he scored 388 points for weekly win number 3 beating his high score for the year by 44 points. His team finished 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 10th place this week along with some qualifying points and lap bonuses it all adds up to the second highest weekly score this year. Congrats on an awesome week BlackLundPro!!

BlackLundPro   388
juneau4   370
88fan   323
SwivelDigger   318
Rip_Some_Lip   315
Airjer   313
yaggie   304
mnwildman   271
musky999   268
fishing star   267
gregg52   260
Fishin-Novice   256
cat-man   252
Moose   247
jwhjr   240
Huckfin   239
Jar Jar   217

Total Points

1     musky999   6731
2     gregg52   6707
3     jwhjr   6667
4     Fishin-Novice   6665
5     Rip_Some_Lip   6607
6     mnwildman   6493
7     yaggie   6419
8     Airjer   6350
9     Jar Jar   6319
10     fishing star   6286
11     88fan   6285
12     Huckfin   6285
13     BlackLundPro   6193
14     cat-man   6173
15     SwivelDigger   6132
16     juneau4   6052
17     Moose   5874

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  • Posts

    • Haula is probably going to see a lot of playing time so I don't doubt he will have some nice years, kind of like how Brodziak scored 20 playing as our first line center. I like Schroeder as first call up or emergency player but he just can't consistently bring it in the NHL, that is no crime because when he gets hot he is fun to watch but he just can't stay there. 
    • That's some good info, Thanks.
    •   I think they're shut down, too.  Smells like no money and more welfare...    
    •   Not sure if their still producing cardboard up at that plant anymore?
    • Now Haula and Tuch will have career seasons next year.  Haula is the odds on favorite to win the Ross trophy and Tuch should have a couple Norris' in the next 5 years.     Sounds like Wild might not bring Schroeder back either.  I really hope they are contenders for a strong center or a really nice goal scorer.  
    • Good point about the center support.  I wandered out to my ground blind on one of the last days of archery season to find the roof caved in and two poles busted. 
    • MMmmm Cloquet....   Smells like money.
    • I am a little concerned with it fading but it needs to be left up for the deer to get accustomed to it so no way around that.   I assume the sun is the main culprit in fading so I'll do my best to protect against that.  One spot I'm considering is tucked into some pines which create a lot of shade, brushing it in heavily should also help keep it out of direct sun as well.   Good point about a center support to help with the snow.  I'll make sure to add something.
    • interesting? oh its raining here too!!!!!!!!!!!
    • That's what this Cooper's Hawk was doing, right in the middle of the street. Has a nest in the top of the neighbors birch tree. Watched them all Spring with their young. Was pouring buckets here and this guy sat in the middle of the street for ten minutes flapping and spinning around. Think he was having a good time! First and third shots are while he was fanning wings. Camera didn't want to subject auto-focus  on full zoom with the amount of rain coming down, but figgered I wanted to get the pics. Hawk was half a block away
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