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Tips and Tricks for my new Marcum Camera

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Just bought a new Marcum VS485 Camera.  I took it out on the boat tonight just to mess around but I will be primarily using this for ice fishing.  I was however, extremely pleased with the picture quality tonight while using it.  I am just wondering if any of you that have had cameras have any tips or tricks when using them.  Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, always make sure to have a high amp rated battery for it like a 9ah or 10ah to get the longest run time, and keep the battery in condition to keep the run time up. 

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I've had a Marcum camera for many years and have found it extremely educational.  When I take new anglers on the ice, they love watching the fish.  Never had the camera spook a fish.


I used a Marcum battery-powered panner to rotate the camera, and that helps identify my lure.  However, you also have to be pretty confidant with the depth of your jig, so that it will show up on the camera.


I've found the camera of limited value during the summer, because it's constantly moving up and down, and a little side to side.  Even if I can find my jig, it's not for long.  What I use the camera for during soft water season is to identify bottom structure and get a general idea what's down there.  


During hard water season, I use it primarily to see bites before they happen.  Not only do I know exactly what's near or looking at my jig, but I can see when they're actually going after it.  I have pulled the hook away from fish that were obviously too small, and also been able to set the hook on a bite before I could feel it.


I love my flasher, but I have out-fished buddies with my camera.

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