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'96 Lund Rebel dlx

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      SOLD!      SOLD!







   Think it's time to part with my sweetheart...due to physical limitations, just can't do it anymore. This boat is a for real "creampuff", and excellent in every aspect   I bought it new in '97, and it's been professionally maintained yearly, and sits covered in my heated garage. Due to

DSC02387.JPGspinal surgeries, there have been at least three or four years it never made it out of garage. Has under 100 hours on engine. Prop hasn't even worn paint off yet. There are no dings, dents or scratches. No rips or tears anywhere. Carpet has some very mild normal sun fade. Engine purrs and was taken in last fall to dealer for a complete engine check and lower unit drain/fill, which has been done every year by myself, with engine fogging in the Fall. I run only non-oxy gas and full synthetic two-stroke oil. Two interstate excellent shape batts on board, maintained on charger throughout the year. Everything is in showroom shape and works perfectly.  

List of items:


  • 1996 Johnson 30 HP with electric start; 10:13 aluminum prop
  • Three swivel seats, drivers has forward/back /swivel adjustable track.
  • aerated livewell
  • rod storage/side storage with locking door/deck & bow storage
  • Interior side night lights (for night fishing)
  • Cig lighter
  • Ritchie Navigator compass
  • Humminbird dual beam
  • Four (Two front; two rear) swivel/detachable rod holders.
  • Full tinted wrap-around style windshield (Factory)
  • depth markers and holder
  • Vertical console rod racks
  • River anchor and rope/chain
  • Minnkota 55 PD with remote Co-pilot
  • Minnkota quick-release trolling motor plate 
  • Stainless steel side boat roller guides
  • Roller trailer with bearing buddies and spoker wheels.
  • Spare tire with wheel lock/holder
  • Engine lock bar
  • Fitted canvas cover and separate motor cover
  • Hitch lock
  • Licensed thru next year; also have all books, receipts, work orders, everything.

Serious inquiries only.      $6,0000   PM me, please. Thanks! 










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