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Extreme Max Boat Lift Boss is easy to install! Awesome product to replace your manual crank lift

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    If you are still hand cranking your boat lift & are worried about how hard it is to install an aftermarket electronic boat lift motor, let me put your fears to rest.  First, I did my research on which boat lift motor to purchase. I called around & asked questions.  The technical support for EXTREME MAX & what you get for the price for the Lift Boss motor; they were the best.  I really like the water proof design of the motor case. The motor does not just sit out in the elements. They have a 2 year replacement warranty. Plus, they are local in the Lino Lakes/ Hugo MN area! You deal with people when you call! If there is a warranty issue, they fix it there on site. They do not need to send it out. They know their products inside & out. They answered all my questions fast.  You can get the motor in an AC (120V) or DC (12/24 volt). You can choose just a key-turn, wireless (comes with key backups) & a cable model.  Since my dock sections are a total of 150 feet long, I choose the DC model & I liked the fact of wireless as well. The only difference between the 12 volt & 24 volt system is you need a jumper wire, (2) batteries hangers & (2) batteries. The only difference in performance would be the speed of the lift. If you buy the solar charger, you need to buy a 12 volt or a 24 volt system. They only work with one or two batteries so you need to make your decision at first, not upgrade to the 24 volt system later.  I would have maybe preferred the cable option instead, but I bought the LED canopy light that works with the wireless option only. The light is a very nice option when coming back at dusk or at night! I could not believe how well it lit up my boat lift. 

   Once I found my tools, it took around 30 minute to install. This was a one person install & very easy. They have step by step instructions that are very easy to follow as well.  I have this installed on an older Shore Station 4000# lift so your install pictures might be slightly different then my pictures.  The first thing you do is make sure you boat lift is at the lowest position & secure your boat off the lift. You do not want any tension on the cables.  I then hung my battery hangers & batteries under the canopy.  Next, you remove the acorn nut holding the manual wheel on. You do not just pull the wheel off; It’s spins off.  Now, you remove the brass washer & the brake (ratchet wheel). Next, you remove the brake dog (clacker pawl). Just take the bolt out & remove. You do not need these parts with the new motor, but keep them in case you ever need the wheel again.  Next, remove the cotter pin on the spindle bolt. Then, pull out the bolt & then remove the spindle. Replace the spindle & bolt with built in lock with the new boss lift parts. No cotter pin is needed. I love that design!  Next, install the new torque arm & slide the boss lift over the new spindle with supplied bolting.  I plugged in the boat lift motor in after I installed the batteries cables.  I then zipped tied the LED light & wires to the canopy & plugged my LED wire in to the boat lift motor. Tighten the bolting & you are ready to put your boat on & raise it on the lift. The other nice thing about this lift motor is if your batteries go dead, it has a drill attachment spot so you still can raise or lower the lift.











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Very nice.  At first I thought this was more of the hit and run spam ads that show up now and then here.  I was mistaken. 

What did the whole set up cost? 

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On ‎7‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 9:20 PM, delcecchi said:

Very nice.  At first I thought this was more of the hit and run spam ads that show up now and then here.  I was mistaken. 

What did the whole set up cost? 

Please double check pricing on the page. I hope this helps. Have a good one.


It depends on which model AC or DC you choose?  On DC you can do (1) battery setup (12 volt) or a (2) battery (24 volt) setup. Basically just faster for the 24 volt system. They give you plenty of options.

DC or AC key $735

DC or AC with cord $840

DC or AC with wireless remote $1050.  ( For the LED light you need the wireless )

You can then choose the Key only style, cable or the wireless remote. The wireless does come with (2) key backups.

Installation kit depends on your model of boat lift. $84.95 through $104.95

Battery holder $64.35 or Battery Hanger under the canopy are $99.95

LED light is $67.95

Solar panel charger 12V $254.95 or Solar panel charger 24V $270.  Could also charge up your batteries on your own.

Jumper wire 24V only $19.80




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