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Jeremy airjer W

Week 12 Winner(s)

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This was a fantastic week for 2 teams. Huckfin and Rip_Some_Lip both get there first weekly wins of the year with top scores of 350 points. Huckfin's team finished 2nd,3rd,4th, and 15th while Rip_Some_Lip's team finished 2nd,3rd,9th and 15th. Throw in some lap bonuses and they both worked out to 350 points. Congrats to both teams!

Huckfin   350
Rip_Some_Lip   350
musky999   340
cat-man   336
Fishin-Novice   336
jwhjr   334
BlackLundPro   302
88fan   300
gregg52   268
Jar Jar   258
mnwildman   254
Moose   254
fishing star   250
SwivelDigger   242
juneau4   238
yaggie   236
Airjer   204

Total Points

1     gregg52   3572
2     jwhjr   3404
3     Airjer   3346
4     musky999   3340
5     Fishin-Novice   3331
6     Rip_Some_Lip   3251
7     Jar Jar   3211
8     mnwildman   3150
9     88fan   3142
10     yaggie   3131
11     Huckfin   3125
12     fishing star   3121
13     cat-man   3110
14     BlackLundPro   2940
15     SwivelDigger   2800
16     juneau4   2736
17     Moose   2693

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    •     thanks pikestabber!!!  that will work!!!!
    • One of the young fellas in the extended family thinks he needs to buy a Bushmaster 5.5 rifle for general use and because he is now living in what he calls a "nervous tension" part of the Twin Cities.  Franky, it is all "nervous tension" to me but never mind,  what do those of you who actually own and shoot Bushmaster rifles,   about which I know nothing, think of them for quality, price and dependability. Personally, I'd rather have a Beretta 92FS or a nice little Ruger LC9mm and a REAL rifle is a bolt action, blued metal work of art with a birds-eye maple or burled walnut stock!
    • Cool pics, good job.
    • Wisconsin was a bust.   There were plenty of birds around, but they clearly are well educated when it comes to hunters.  Most hens were going to nests early, but nothing would respond to or come to calls of any kind.  I watched many birds that I would call to in a field turn and walk away, even jakes and gobblers with no hens.  Some birds would sprint out of sight!    I did come very close to a nice gobbler but forgot my range finder in my blind and didn't shoot when I thought he was a bit too far.  Ranging the area later proved otherwise...  I also had another group with a nice gobbler and a few hens that I had been chasing multiple times, they started going away from my calling, so I crawled up behind some thick pine trees to get close for an ambush shot.  Of course a hen busted me at 15yd and they disappeared...     After two solid days of rain, and this morning's rain with zero birds heard or seen I packed up and went home.  My brother called to tell me he shot a bird in the spot he told me I should go to...    All in all I only heard two gobblers actually gobble in three hard days of hunting, neither would come to me.  Many more seen.  I only heard one hen yelp back to me, again saw many others that would not make a peep...
    • So as far as anyway knows there should be no adverse effects except for extra work in the fall.
    • At my age Eyeguy I'm just trying not to lose too many.
    •   Sorry. Cell service down there was horrible. Had to wait till I got back to a real computer.
    • Kept me waiting long enough  congratulations Don
    • another good trick for good maters is once the tomatoes start forming is to put a tablespoon of epsom salt by the stalk about every 3rd-4th watering!!!!!!!! i'm a believer!!!!!!! 
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