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Take a Walk With Me

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The earth has thawed and the first greenery is pushing through the browns on the forest floor reaching to the sun to throw off winter's snowy shackles.

Scarlet Elf Cups are popping out from the damp roots of long dormant tree roots.

The rain is a little cold but it doesn't matter.  At least it isn't snow!

Virginia Blue Bells and Wood Anemones carpet the floors of the hidden valleys and meadows.

Baby birds dream about their mother bringing them a long juicy night crawler.

A Fishing Spider prepares to dine on a question mark butterfly.

A Buck Fawn lays perfectly still like mother nature taught it when an intruder has found it.

I admire a flower on stream that I don't know what is and later identify it as the most deadly wildflower in Wisconsin.  Night Shade.

I slowly walk and breath in one of my favorite streams in the heart of Wisconsin's Driftless Area.

Blossoms of all kinds are exploding and delighting your senses.

The view in my rear view mirror on the way home.
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Something new everyday out there!  Thanks for sharing!

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Good times and nice pics.

in the woods.JPG

Edited by the nature boy

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Wow!  Great pictures...thank you for sharing!

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I have fished the Leinbach River in Bavaria.


I have gazed at the Salz River in Austria.


I've walked on the beach at sunset in Florida.


I have admired the Mississippi River from her bluffs.


I have felt the spray from an Alpine waterfall.


I have enjoyed a meal with my beautiful wife on Lake Cheimsee .


I have rode on a gondola in Venice.


None of them hold a candle to my home waters in Wisconsin's Driftless.

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    • Saw some reports from Algoma that looks like fishing has picked up some out there and some bigger fish being caught. I'm not ready for snow yet but I hope we actually get some this year. 
    • Well I got it done. I got some bolts washers and rubber grommets. I drilled holes in the counter top. then brought the bolt up through it put a 1/2in rubber spacer then a washer and bolted right into the bolt holes where the leg levels went. It looks nice and will be nice not having to put the fridge up and down every time a guy moves the ice castle and should hold fine driving down the road.         Nice exactly what I need to finish the project, so the fridge door doesn't fly open when driving down the road.
    •   And it has some sort of virus.
    • The boat is getting lots of use,,,, Heading to Algoma july 29th and back to Isle Royale later in august 
    • You're bolting a mini fridge to a countertop but worried that a tie down strap will make it look trashy? OK then.
    • The strong rainfall of the last few weeks was compounded this week with more rain accompanied by high winds, thunder and lightning, as well as several tornado watches across the state. Downed trees and branches and flooding was reported at numerous state properties throughout south western and south central Wisconsin. State park crews were actively clearing roads and trails, and we're expected to have additional updates before the weekend. Anyone planning on visiting a property in these areas is urged to contact the property directly for the latest conditions.Water levels across the state are still elevated and this week's rains means sand bars will likely be in short supply again on the lower Wisconsin River. With the high fast moving water many kayakers and tubers are taking advantage of the situation. A group of kayakers on the Peshtigo River said with the fast water they shaved an hour off the time it normally would take them for a river trip.Wild weather has put a damper on fishing pressure across the state and there are isolated reports of partially submerged fishing piers. Anglers have reported some success for catfish on the St. Croix River and anglers have been having success fishing the Flambeau River for musky, walleye, northern pike and bass. Largemouth bass fishing has picked up with high waters in Dane County rivers and there were reports of an uptick in walleye and perch are coming in from Lake Winnebago. .
    • Well there are a lot of ways to do it.   I'm going to bolt it down through the counter top, using the bolt holes for the leg levels. The idea of using straps and d rigs would look like dump and Be pretty would be has much work having to ratchet strap the thing every time I was going to move vs setting it down on the floor. 
    • Yes it is a very good round.
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