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Just posted an ad on C/List for a Garage Sale we are having T & Friday.  Got this reply within minutes. What do you think? Train paint bomber or Huffer? ;)

Hi- do you have any old spray paint. I collect old cans. Thanks!






J Gomez



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2 hours ago, RebelSS said:

Incredible. If they asked for gold spray paint, a huffer.  :whistle:

If your going to fry your brain, you may as well do it with the good Gold stuff I guess?  :crazy:

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We were taught in training that gold was the most used by huffers, as allegedly it produced the best high for some reason. I always wondered what source that came from, the huffers? :grin:  Anywho, we did see a lot of guys with gold sparkly faces. Also had one guy I'd consistently have in the ER that sprayed LYSOL cans into a glass and drank it....ya, drank it. :sick:

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I met a skinhead named Scrap
He lived in my friends garage
Everyday hes shaking that spray paint can
And comes out seeing stars

Grab a paper bag like an oxygen mask
Until your mind starts to gel
'Cause the ball in the can has a crazy beat
The funky dying brain cell

So he met some Christians from hell
Who said, "Lets go to Vegas, man"
So he packed up his leather and his red beret
Into that big, bad Christian van

Use revival meetings like an oxygen tent
Till your mind starts to gel
'Cause the preacher thumps the Bible
With a crazy beat, the funky dying brain cell

Well, he came back to the garage
But the garage, it wasnt there
And he dug metallic gold more than Luke and John
Now hes growing his hair

Grab a paper bag like an oxygen mask
Until your mind starts to gel
'Cause the ball in the can
Has a crazy beat, the funky dying brain cell

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