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Who doesn't love smoking well I will start posting here whenever I do here a just a couple that I have done this year.

Transferring post from another forum I post in so if you have any questions about a smoke let me know.

Well started off with a brine of water pickling salt and brown sugar.

Took out after 4 hour rinse off and dried

I then melted a stick of butter and mixed in some weber chicken and rib rub in with it and injected. Put back in the fridge over night.


Took out the next morning applied some chipotle mayo and coated with the weber chicken and rib rub.


Smoked at 250 with cherry wood last 30 mins put a coat of beer mixed with famous daves sweet and zesty bbq sauce. Took out of smoker and hit it in the grill for 10 mins or so after adding a little more bbq and beer.

Poppers were a simple mix of cheddar and cream cheese wrapped in bacon. Used jalapenos and habaneros




Siriracha Jalapeno Cream Cheese Bacon Wrapped Loin!

Well with the girlfriend not in mind. (She doesn't like spicy food) I decided to cook a loin my way or the highway.


Cut the loin and put jalapeno cream cheese and sriracha

Smoked at 220 with applewood

Pulled at 142 internal temp put in broiler for a couple to crisp bacon





Whiskey Fireball Wings
Bath of fireball whiskey, snakebite apple cider whiskey, water, kosher salt, and brown sugar for a night. pulled out let dry dry rub of cinnamon, paprika, brown sugar, chipotle chili pepper, salt.

smoked at 275 and then put on grill at 550 to crisp up








Picked up a couple small briskets for a really good deal. I was going to do rib eye but forgot to take them out of the freezer before I left for pool league oops.... 


Plan is to have this for sandwiches paired with some awesome bbq sauce that I got that some guy made locally here. Its chocolate habanero so good!


I injected with beef broth and put a dry rub of brown sugar, salt, pepper and mixed a little spice I have called smoke house maple.

I put a can of beer in my water pan because everything is better with beer right? right


MES is at 220 and I have a mix of hickory with a little bit of cherry to feed it. I also busted up a charcoal lump and am going to put that in as well I know it wont affect the flavor much if at all but it seems to help produce a little more smoke.


Going to pull and wrap with beef broth at 160-165 then finish






pulled brisket at 195 internal temp and wrapped in towel let rest for an hour to hit internal of 200

Raspberry stuffed pork loin Chipolte glaze

One I stuffed with jalapenos and raspberry the other with just raspberry (girlfriend doesn't like the spice)
Right now they are soaking in a marinade of italian dressing, apple juice, brown sugar, suppose to be sprite but I forgot to pick some up so cherry coke brown sugar and salt pepper.


I made a glaze using

4 tbn butter

3 tsp chipolte chili powder

4 tbn apple cider vinegar

5  tbn raspberry preserves

1  tsp mince garlic

and I threw in the rest of whatever raspberries I had left that I thawed out. ( need to get rid of them still have a couple big bags frozen left from the grandparents farm)  

Took out of marinade pat dry and dry rub of brown sugar chipotle chili and salt

smoked at 220 and pulled out at internal temp of 140

put glaze last 30 mins of smoke







Couple More seafood I have done was lobster and crab legs simple cherry wood smoke



Salmon dip I made from salmon from fly fishing trip Alaska I will have to look up the recipe and post it this stuff is amazing.






Sorry if the post is all over the place I will post my smokes individually from now on with better instructions if you have any questions on these let me know Looking forward to future smokes!

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My question is, do you use a new smoker after each item or do u clean the inside of it after every use. I have the same smoker and other than my racks being clean the inside is black and pretty well seasoned with smoke :D

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haha no I only clean the window every once in awhile now. Those were just the first couple smokes with it now after I replaced my old smoker. Its plenty seasoned now. I hardly ever clean my racks even I usually just throw them on the grill and blast them at 550 no scrubbing!

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ZachD, your a smokehead for sure.  Your stuff looks wonderfull!!.  I do wipe the walls off that smoker once in awhile.  Otherwise there is build up and may fall on your food.  But that's after a long time  using, just keep an eye on it.  It has nothing to do with the way the smoker is built, but by a accumilation or build up.  I know I spelled accumilation wrong but at this point of the day the word is known so I don't care LOL.  good luck.

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I clean mine once a year in spring. Spray inside with oven cleaner. Let sit according to the directions and blast it off with the pressure washer. If I don't do this, when the soot heats up it gives the food a sooty taste.

Edited by KEN W

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    • It's dinner and supper!
    • My wife loooves Beets. Here's my recipe Lot of beets, as many as you can fit in to a large boiling pan. .add 1 cup draino .add 1 cup muriatic acid .heat with a blow torch throw off hwy over pass so they get tender under semi truck tries for one hour. Then go get some food and have a Beer! Enjoy! Hate um!      
    • The guy who told me this said teal were in big groups and he saw a few hundred
    • Just cuz they're flying that direction don't mean the migration started!   Summer-like temps again this year for the opener.  I don't think they're bugging out yet.  Last year I saw teal in NE MN in the 3rd week of October! I have enough shells and some calls I suck at blowing, along with decoys that sport my initials and '87 so I guess I'm as ready as every other year!
    • Never heard of one where ya DON'T cook the beets....but who knows? Here's one I used years ago... EASY PICKLED BEETS (1 Quart) 2 bunches small beets – ends trimmed and scrubbed 4 small onions – sliced and separate rings ½ cup liquid from boiled beets ½ cup white vinegar ½ cup honey – go local! ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon cinnamon or cinnamon stick ¼ teaspoon cloves Bring beets and enough water to cover to a boil over high heat.  Reduce to medium and continue to boil for 45 minutes.  With 5 minutes remaining on beets add onion slices.  Drain beets and onions, reserving ½ cup of the liquid, set aside. While the beets and onions cool add beet liquid, vinegar, honey, salt, cinnamon, and cloves to medium sauce pan and bring to a boil. Peel beets (this should be easy once they are cooled), and slice.  Add sliced beets and onions to a Mason jar, or air tight container of your choosing.  Cover beets with boiled liquid, cover, and refrigerate at least 24 hours before eating.  I prefer them after about 72 hours.  
    • If that's lunch, I'd love to see dinner!! 
    • We can't find our recipe for pickled beets. Haven't done this for a couple of years.  Wife and I both certain we didn't cook the beets.....we just packed them in hot jars, poured the brine over, then boiled the sealed jars for 15-20 minutes.  I can't find a recipe that says you don't have to cook beets.  Does any one have such a recipe?  Our brine contained cinnamon sticks and cloves.  I imagine we could just add these ingredients to any regular vinegar/sugar/water brine though.  Mostly just wondering about using raw beats vs uncooked beets.  Thanks...Jim
    • Looks good, for sure. 
    • No, but this is what I would get if I was there. 
    • Really? I told them I will Only Agree to one year if the discounts are for one year and no problem. About two years ago I did call Direct TV and they wouldn't throw a deal. So I canceled my service then left for the weekend. I came home called them and said dish didn't show up to put it in and asked if they wanted me back has a new customer or if I just needed to let dish install it. They flipped it back on and gave me the deal. You will never get the "deal" with the first person you talk to. You have to talk to at least 2 people and the second one always gives in. I could really care less which one I have, but learning the channel number lineup sucks big time. I had dish about 6yrs ago and what made me go to direct tv is I had my dish get out of line on the roof of my two story house. They were gonna charge me $50-$100 for a tech to come set it right so I'd get a signal. I left and went to direct....The games they play are stupid. 
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